Aside from Christmas my favorite holiday has to be Mother’s Day. I’m a Mother Lover and proud of it and I bet you are too.
I come from a family of 6. Yeah you got it. My twin brother and I are the eldest. Followed by my sister, there is my twin brother and sister, and lastly my youngest brother Frankie. I remember telling my mom that if she ever decided to have another child it would be a set of twin girls so just forget about it.

Most of my childhood was spent raising my brothers and sisters and singing in a kids choir across the country. In different stages I remember growing up too fast and not slowing down to really enjoy what being a child felt like. It wasn’t by choice as most of the time spent at home was simply babysitting my siblings while my mom worked. To this day I never knew my dad and only had one chance to meet him. So to me a hustling mother was what I knew as the ideal home environment and for many still is.

Life as a kid living in Miami in the 80s wasn’t as glamorous as South Beach would have you believe. Being raised in Overtown Miami on many occasions looked like the slums in many cities I was once deployed to. But one thing I discovered was that my mom showed me what unconditional love meant. No I’m not just saying that because she’s my mom. I remember one night where my twin brother left home and ran the streets of Miami. My mom played Sounds of Blackness all night until she fell asleep hoping that he would come back. Me and my stubbornness, I would have never worried about him and simply let him be grown since that’s what he wanted. My oldest sister followed my twin brother’s lifestyle and if I were their parent would have sent them to prison for life.

In my perfect world I would have given up everything in my piggy bank to see my mom rest her feet and luxuriate in some palace in Dubai. Just to see the worry from her face be replaced by happiness would have meant the world to me at 12 years old.

Regardless of the rebellion that lived inside my siblings my mother never stopped loving them any less. She prayed, she disciplined, and she loved unconditional because that’s who she was and is. She’s my Super Woman.

For whatever reason, my mom and I grew apart. I believe this happens between many parents and their children, not certain why. I joined the military in hopes of making a man of myself and seeing what the world had to offer. It wasn’t until after I left the Army that I started to yearn for my family. Sure I was still pissed at my brother and even sister for how they treated my mom. Hell I was mad at her for why she continued to put up with them. But seeing the big picture I can only realize how much she loved us all.

As Mother’s Day approaches I ask you to do one thing. Take time to focus on who your mom is and how much she loves you. Don’t get too caught up in the gift giving, brunches, etc. YES those are absolutely amazing things to do, but I believe what’s most important are the hugs, the stories, and saying I LOVE YOU.

Many are not privy to these actions as their mom is no longer present. If that’s you, cherish the relationships that you have with your family and friends and love them as if they were your mom. I wish you all a happy Mother’s Day!