I like to believe that two of the best events my friends and I enjoy with each other are happy hours and brunch. Sometimes the two blend together if we haven’t seen each other for awhile. A lot of the times I enjoy simply inviting them over for cocktails when we know we have to see each other to vent and just catch up on some really big news. Being the planner I am, I love to introduce my friends to new things. It’s like giving them gifts that they can share with anyone they choose. Of course we all have our go to drinks; mine being Jameson, ginger ale, and a splash of peach schnapps. Nevertheless I found a drink made by The Cookie Rookie called MagicCotton Candy Martini. Doesn’t that sound interesting enough to drink? The kid in me instantly remembers the Miami Dade County Fair eating Elephant Ears and of course cotton candy. The adult in me tries to be James Bond when I dress up for dinner parties ordering martinis. At last my inner child has resurfaced and I just had to share this recipe with you all.

Although Becky used this for Halloween, I think this drink is the PERFECT way to welcome in the summer months. What’s even better is that your kids can enjoy this too minus the vodka. 

From a work standpoint, this drink is perfect for social activation. The recipe is easy enough for you to have as a station at your event where guests can make their own drinks and really have fun. I love stations like this because guests will take photos of your set up, of them making drinks, and of course share on social media.

So grab your friends and try this out and be sure to let me know how it turns out. If you have delicious cocktails to try, comment below and let us know about them. CHEERS!!!

Magic Cotton Candy MartiniMagic Cotton Candy MartiniMagic Cotton Candy Martini

The cotton candy dissolves the second you pour in your martini…leaving the sugar behind for an extra sweet treat. So fun!

Magic Cotton Candy Martini

Becky bought the cotton candy on Amazon and got an entire box of bagged cotton candy for only $12!!

Magic Cotton Candy MartiniMagic Cotton Candy Martini

Becky used grape juice for the purple color, but you can use whatever juice you love best!

Magic Cotton Candy MartiniMagic Cotton Candy Martini

Magic Cotton Candy Martini

prep time

5 Minute/s

cook time

total time

5 Minute/s


  • 4 cups cotton candy
  • 4 cups grape juice
  • 6 ounces vanilla vodka


  1. Combine juice and vodka with ice in a shaker. Shake to combine.
  2. Place 1 cup cotton candy into each martini glass.
  3. Pour juice mixture over cotton candy.
  4. Enjoy!