Chakaboom Fitness and International Recording artist Jason Cerda have developed a wonderful relationship over the past few years. Together they created Jason’s first video which included members of Chakaboom Fitness doing a flashmob throughout the video. For the second video, Chakaboom Fitness wanted to host a lunch party to showcase Jason Cerda’s next hit.


Our mission was to work with Chakaboom Fitness to create a space that was both fun and energetic in color while still allowing guests to have a cocktail party environment. Part of the event was watching the music video from Jason Cerda so finding a easy way to transition from a cocktail party to a viewing party was key.


We created open setting that allowed guests to have the option of sitting in non-traditional seating to having the chance to stand. Our client caters to members who love to move so traditional round tables and chairs was out of the question. We gave them seating by AFR Event Rentals that was a blend of sofas and ottomans. We also included cocktail tables with linen by Main Event Caterers. Pipe and drape along with lighting by The LightSource Company was critical. The room without the decor is brown wood panels which is hard to decorate in it’s present condition. Therefore pipe and drape was a great solution to transform the space into what looked like an actual event space that was luxurious.


“Once again Andrew knocked it out of the park. For someone like me who is a bit of a control freak to turn such an important premier event over to someone else is saying something. This is the third event we have done with Andrew and his team and it will not be the last. Quality, attention to detail, sense of humor and dedication are just a few ways to describe Andrew Roby Events. THANK YOU Andrew – you made a it wonderful again and I am grateful to you and your team for removing the stress and making it all beautiful!” Kathleen Smith

Photographer: Sharon Drye.

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