Many people are unfamiliar with what a microwedding is and if it’s the best option during COVID-19.

Most couples are familiar with the traditional wedding styles. These are elopements, destination weddings and your standard wedding. Of course there are more out there, but these are your wedding staples.

A microwedding is an abbreviated version of all of these. It’s a step above an elopement and way smaller than your average wedding. In a nutshell it’s a condense wedding built around 15-25 people.  It maintains the same structure as a larger wedding, except on a much smaller scale. This means your wedding may not be as long, will not be as expensive, nor will your wedding planning be as long.

This may serve as the ideal solution as states begin to reopen and authorize smaller events to occur.

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For many couples who don’t care to have large elaborate weddings nor want to spend the money on guests who may not show up, this is ideal. Previously we informed you of the average wedding costs in the U.S. Taking those costs into consideration may be even more of a reason to consider a microwedding.

Planning a wedding is stressful, no doubt about it. Even with the right Wedding Planner, you still have some decisions that need to be made. For some, wedding decisions can be overwhelming when you combine day-to-day life activities into the mix.

Having a microwedding forces you to:


  • Focus solely on the people who mean the most to you

  • Have amazing décor without paying to cover dozens of tables

  • Not have to worry about covering the costs of a large wedding party or even an elaborate wedding gown or tuxedo. But if you want one you surely have the money to splurge since you’re doing a microwedding.

  • Have a ton more flexibility

Ultimately this is you both making the decision to have everything you’ve ever wanted without fear of your budget getting out of control.

Things To Consider For Your DC Micro-Wedding:


Be prepared for some push back from family and friends who may not get invited. Stick to your guns because you’ve made this decision for a reason. Be confident as a couple and don’t be afraid to explain why.

With many using virtual platforms, consider this alternative for people who want to watch from home. We have seen virtual weddings that have reached 1,000 viewers.

With a smaller wedding you have to figure out what your Must Haves are. Our wedding guide helps you with that. We aren’t asking you to have a bone dry boring wedding, but with such a smaller audience some items simply won’t make sense.

Just because you are having a smaller wedding does not mean vendors will charge you less. You simply will pay less due to not having a large order like you would with 150 people.  Also your wedding may not take as long due to having a low amount of people. Consider asking your DJ, Photographer, and a few others to not charge you for the same amount of hours it takes for a traditional wedding if this is the case.

If you want more information on A DC microwedding or would like to schedule a 15 minute free call, check this out.