Our global event and wedding industry is decimated by COVID-19. Couples and corporate clients have seen just how impactful these industries have on their bottom line. Environments offering new memories and connections is vital. Having COVID-19 interrupt that smooth pattern has caused couples to rethink their wedding plans. What can you do when you can’t have a large wedding? Consider a DC Micro Wedding of course.

Similarly, weddings are like family reunions. It brings everyone who knows you well out to celebrate one special occasion. Most importantly, couples are grieving the fact they had to push back or cancel such a reunion. They are searching for hope in the midst of this pandemic. Something that will give them a resemblance of their actual wedding.

Would a virtual wedding serve as relief for you? Many do not want to virtually celebrate. Couples want the in-person face to face experience. Most couples don’t want to wait until 2021 or 2022 to execute their 2020 wedding plans.

What is the best solution for couples stuck between wanting a wedding and not being able to have one? The idea of a DC Micro Wedding is a solution that looks promising once we are able to have small events again. It’s certainly not requiring couples to wait until 2021 to have a large wedding. I want you to start now actually.

The DC Micro Wedding concept allows couples to have a mix between an elopement and a small wedding to have their wedding cake and eat it too.

Here Are Some DC Micro Wedding Tips To Follow:


1 – Determine what will your abbreviated wedding look like

Importantly, there is going to be a mad dash when small events start back. Now is the time for you to get the basic details out of the way. For instance, do you have a venue that can support your micro wedding?Have you applied for your marriage license? Figure out who your ideal vendors are.

You have to ensure you have all of this laid out first. if you don’t have key details in place your wedding could be pushed back yet again. Hire a Wedding Planner to help you get everything ready.

2 – Rethink Your Guest List

I recommend that you identify a small guest list, under 50, that you would want present. Give them a heads up that you are considering a micro wedding and explain what that will look like. Be firm on your guest list as this may not allow a plus 1 nor any guest being selfish that they cannot bring children or anyone with pre-existing issues

In addition, I recommend that you confirm all email addresses and phone numbers. Once allowed to have your DC Micro Wedding, you will have to move quickly to get RSVPs.


3 – Consider a Virtual Wedding Component

Many couples have more than 50 people attending their original wedding. For those you do not invite to attend the smaller version of your wedding, do not leave them out. Add a virtual wedding component so they can still watch everything. Chip Dizard does an excellent job at live streaming weddings.

Be sure to send all of your virtual guests a message with clear details on how to watch your wedding live stream. But also consider this:

  • Don’t share your live stream link on social media to avoid unwanted interuption
  • Make sure you require a password to access the wedding live stream
  • Test your technology to make sure it will work on wedding day.
  • Give a tutorial on how to access the stream for those who are not tech savvy

4 – Understand the DC Micro Wedding Expectations


In other words, a micro wedding is an abbreviated version of your regular wedding. The experience of having hundreds of friends and family in your present celebrating you is different. By no means am I saying you will not have an experience at your micro wedding; you will. However, understand that you may not have the same feelings you expected to have on your regular wedding day. That’s totally OK!

5 – Make Your Wedding Day Getting Ready Experience Count

Part of your wedding day is being able to be with your bridesmaids or groomsmen before your ceremony starts. Those moments help you through your journey. For a micro wedding, don’t remove that from your experience. Use wisdom and properly screen those who will be in close proximity to you. For instance, screen all guests to include your wedding party.

A suite for your getting ready session is key. This can be photographed by DC Photographers Edward Underwood Photography or Baltimore, Maryland Photographer Trene Forbes Photography.

Whatever you do, make sure it is as close to what your actual wedding day would look like.

6 – Don’t Worry About Your Big Wedding

I know this pandemic has put our stress level on 1000. It’s hard to say don’t worry about your larger wedding. But, we want you to try. Your DC Micro Wedding should remind you of why you fell in love. That is to solidify your love to your fiancé no matter who is present. This micro wedding will allow you to finally breathe and know you were still able to marry the love of your life

This will serve as a huge weight off your shoulders. What matters most is you can get married now. This is a special moment. It’s a real moment that you should be proud of. You will celebrate in the future and this is a sample of the big party to come.

Lastly, small by no means mean less quality or a lack of sophistication. This will be memorable and something you will tell your kids and their grandchildren about.

In Conclusion

Weddings are extremely important. We have planned them for dozens of couples. Above all, this too shall pass. Furthermore, to get married in 2020, RSVP here: DC Micro Wedding Experience.

Most importantly, this is the perfect option for couples who see the benefits in a micro wedding and want to get married as soon as possible. Our team of DC Wedding Vendors: DC Florist Designs by Oochay, DC Baker Blue Lace Cakes, DC Stationer Fingers In Ink, and those mentioned above, are standing by to help. Complete this form to get started.