Holiday Party planning season is here. We want to make sure you have all the important holiday party tips to plan your party. I know it might seem early to start thinking about a holiday party when summer just ended. However, many corporations have already started planning their parties weeks ago. To avoid struggling to find a venue, concept, or idea for your holiday party, we wanted to offer these easy tips.

Holiday Party Tips:

Question: How soon should you start planning your holiday party?

Answer: We recommend you start thinking about your holiday party now. Depending on where you are located and if you desire to have your holiday party at a venue, you may find yourself struggling to find the perfect location. Also now is the time to determine your event budget and how many people you want to host. Think of holiday party themes as well.

Important Holiday Party Tips To Follow Table with Christmas Decor

Question: How much does a holiday party cost?

Answer: Like any event it really depends on many factors. Factors such as how many guests, what type of food, location, and decor are the main things to consider. If you are hosting a holiday party at the office you can expect your costs to start around $3,000 to cover food/beverage for 20-50 people. If you are hosting this at a venue such a hotel or lounge you can expect the cost to be more. Work your magic to cut a deal. Remember food needs to last at least 3/4 of your event.

Question: How can I save money on my holiday party?

Answer: There are so many great ways to save money at your holiday party. I would first look at food and beverage. There is no requirement to have a cash bar. Opting for a signature drink or beer and wine is completely fine. If this is a corporate holiday party limiting the bar does help you avoid employees over drinking and you being liable. Limit how many action stations you have at your party. Action stations or carving stations tend to cost more per person and can raise your budget if you’re not careful. Verses a action station consider having a dessert bar or candy station and let the actual food be passed.

Question: What are some key things to consider when planning my holiday party?

Answer: Because you are the host you take on full responsibility of the event and making sure your guests are accommodated. Have a variety of food on your menu that would be perfect for a diverse audience. Consider security or someone designated to order a taxi for those who can handle their liquor. Have some form of entertainment such as a DJ or local band. Karaoke with Christmas songs would be hilarious after a few drinks. Feed your guests. A party full of dessert with a bar is disastrous.

Question: What is the best time to host a party?

Answer: We recommend sooner than later. Don’t compete with Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years Eve. Early November and early December works well. We even encourage having your holiday parties in January.

In conclusion:

Planning can get complicated especially if you are already busy. We at Andrew Roby Events are happy to plan your party and even serve as consultants to guide you along the way. Contact us for more holiday party tips or details on how we can make your holidays wonderful.