The key to a meaningful marriage proposal is to capture your personality as a couple and, in some way, highlight your love story. Your approach is entirely up to you as long as it’s personal and memorable.

Are you two ultra-adventurous? Maybe a proposal on a trip to Greece would be the best surprise! Does your partner love nothing more than being on the water? You might have to propose on a boat! When planning a proposal, it’s essential to add an element of uniqueness, a touch of creativity, and of course, make it Instagram-worthy. Here are seven tips to accomplish that, but remember to put your spin on it! We’ve compiled our ideas into two categories: Public proposals and private proposals.

Public Proposal Ideas

Use your judgment when it comes to the setting of your engagement. Will your partner appreciate something public and elaborate? If so, read along for our public proposal ideas.

Pop the Question at a Favorite Landmark

Is there a landmark special to you and your partner? Maybe you had your first kiss at one. Or maybe there’s a famous landmark in your town that will be the most epic backdrop for your proposal, so why not? Historic landmarks make great proposal spots!

At the Club

Does your partner love to be the center of attention? Arrange to borrow the mic from the DJ at your favorite club and make a thoughtful toast followed by the Big Question. Body surfing may be a must in this situation.

The Classic Caricaturist Proposal

A caricature proposal is perfect because it provides a keepsake you can frame and keep forever. Plus, it’s cute, romantic, and fun.

A Proposal with the Fishies

For aquatic-loving sweethearts, a proposal at an aquarium is fantastic. You can arrange to have divers hold up signs underwater and have your partner look through the glass at the right moment.

The Cheesy yet Awesome Jumbotron Proposal

A baseball game ensures a home run proposal setting, especially if your team is on a winning streak. Imagine your partner’s face when they look at the jumbotron and see a proposal.

Organize a Flash Mob

Pulling off a flash mob will reassure your partner that life with you will always be fun and exciting. We’ve all seen it in the movies, but no one expects it to happen in real life.

A flash mob proposal is not for the procrastinator. This takes several months of planning, practicing, and perfecting. Follow these steps for a successful flash mob proposal:

  1. Pick a fun song that your partner will love.
  2. Make up the choreography or hire someone to do it.
  3. Pick a place and time.
  4. Once the prep work is done, round up the troops to teach them some epic moves.
  5. The most crucial step is to ensure your partner is in the right place when the flash mob breaks out.

Make it Beachy

A classic beach proposal is instantly romantic and beautiful. You don’t need much to create an ambiance because of the beach’s natural beauty. Consider scattering rose petals and having cozy blankets for cuddling, complete with sparkling champagne, a gorgeous ring, and one fundamental Question.

Intimate Wedding Proposal Ideas

You know your partner better than anyone. Would they rather have an intimate engagement that involves just the two of you? If that’s more their vibe, then we’ve got some ideas for a personal and unique proposal for just the two of you. Don’t worry; they are still Instagram-worthy!

A Romantic Scavenger hunt

Is your partner a kid at heart but also totally into romance? A romantic scavenger hunt is the best of both worlds. It’s a fun way to make your proposal interactive. Consider Attaching each clue to a red rose to add a touch of romance. Put your creativity hat on, get witty with the hints, and lead them to a spot where you’ll be, holding the ring, ready to pop the Question.

Game Night

A fun way to propose unexpectedly is to incorporate it into game night. Games that work well for a proposal include Charades, Pictionary, Wheel of Fortune, Scrabble, Apples to Apples, Karaoke, and Taboo.

Breakfast in bed with a Side of Engagement

What better way to start your day than by getting engaged while enjoying a yummy breakfast cozied up in bed? Make their favorite breakfast, add some roses and prepare a sweet speech. It’ll be intimate and unforgettable.

A Staycation

If traveling isn’t in the cards for your proposal, create an oasis at home that mimics your dream vacation destination. Think fake palm trees. Set a playlist of songs inspired by the destination, and enjoy the “local cuisine.” Consider these creative elements:

  • Customized boarding passes
  • Drinks in a coconut
  • Cardboard cutout backdrop

The Symbolic Ribbon Proposal

Place a ribbon that starts at one point of the home and ends at the other and has little notes and gifts attached to it as they make their way to the end of the ribbon with a beautiful ring attached. The ribbon is symbolic of your journey together.

Create a Customized Puzzle

Love doing puzzles together? Incorporate that into your marriage proposal. If you work on puzzles together often, your partner won’t even know something’s up; she’ll/he’ll think it’s a typical Friday night until the puzzle is complete and reads, “Will you marry me?” Don’t forget to have your partner’s favorite flowers and champagne nearby to celebrate.

Red Rose Explosion

Romance never goes out of style, and a rose-filled room complete with candles and chocolates is a sure way to wow your partner who loves all things romance. This is a great way to walk into a room after going out to dinner or a show. Your partner may be disappointed that the proposal didn’t happen at dinner but, they’ll forget about their disappointment quite fast when they walk into the red rose explosion.

Executing the perfect proposal is sure to drum up some nerves. But take a breath and remember that your proposal’s most critical aspect is showing your partner how much you love them. Make it genuine, meaningful, and unique; they’ll never forget it! And soon you’ll need an event planner, so let’s get in touch!