Aside from turning 21, a milestone birthday is one of the biggest celebrations we can have for ourselves. But how should you plan your milestone birthday party to ensure it lives up to the hype?

Over the last few months, we have planned a number of milestone birthday parties and there are many lessons that you can learn from each of these. Recently our CEO held his milestone birthday party so here are some party planning tips.


TIP #1: Keep The Guest Count Low

If you are looking to have a big impact, you don’t want to necessarily plan a party for hundreds of people. Milestone birthdays are meant to celebrate with close friends. We recommend you leave the other birthdays for larger guest counts.

Another reason having a smaller guest count matters is your budget. The more attendees you have at your birthday party, the higher your food and beverage budget will be to accommodate them.

TIP #2: Use A Cocktail Reception Style Format

We are all accustomed to formal dinners like the one we planned for Lunar New Year. However, a birthday party should not be as formal as this. With a cocktail reception format, you allow attendees to have a more relaxed environment. They can roam around to meet people and not be stuck in a chair at a table with a handful of people.

Unless your guest count is super small, formal seating shouldn’t be your option. Create a space that has lounge furniture, cocktail tables, and standing. Various options help to create conversation and give the space some life.

TIP #3: Give Guests Advance Notice

Due to COVID-19 restrictions being lifted around the world, more options for entertainment is available. As crazy as it may seem, yes people do skip milestone birthdays to attend other events. The more lead time you give to your guests, the more likely they will attend.

When inviting guests, use any invitation that allows you to track RSVPs. This isn’t the same as wedding invitations. Digital invitation sites that send guests an email invitation is more than suitable. It also allows you to send friendly reminders and answer questions with ease.

TIP #4: Focus On Experiential Designs

Experiential events may be something new to you, but it’s not a new concept. Many brands have used experiential designs at festivals, launches, and other public events.

The goal when designing your birthday party is to create focal points where guests can pull out their phones and take a photo. One thing we want to push clients away from are the traditional photo booths or step and repeats. There is no sense in having guests get dressed up and not have an impression backdrop to take photos in front of.

Other focal points can be the overall look and feel of the room. Does the venue space need lighting or draping? Does your party have a theme or color palette? Do you prefer your event space to have a particular scent?

Consider other ways to build a focal point. Perhaps you can use a larger photo of you framed. Create a beautiful dessert or food display to further tempt your guests. The goal is to determine how you want your guests to experience your milestone birthday.

TIP #5: Plan Well In Advance

Vendors in the event and wedding industry are in high demand. This means your favorite Florist or baker may not be available for your party. By planning in advance you can secure the event professionals you want for such a special occasion.

There is a global supply chain issue. This means materials, venues, food and beverage, flowers and other things that make your birthday special, are hard to get. This also means the cost of such items are higher than normal, with inflation reaching 8.5%. The longer you take to plan your birthday, the more difficult it can be to get what you want without stressing.

We offer social event planning services in D.C., Dallas, and Los Angeles all year long. We focus on telling a story through each event we plan, a story that is unique and special to you.

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