If you are recently engaged you might discover the overwhelming amount of large weddings when looking for inspiration. I’ll admit that when I go to Instagram to catch up, most weddings I see have 250 or more guests. These are lavish weddings that look like they cost well into the six figure range. Large centerpieces. Thousands of flowers floating over the dance floor. A cake with a 3ft base and several tiers of delicious goodness.

How To Have A Small DC Wedding Bride and Groom

But what happens if you’re the type of couple that doesn’t care to have any of that? What if you are low key and don’t care for all the bells and whistles that can come with a wedding?

Not every couple dreams of the fantasy wedding that we see in popular wedding magazines and blogs. This doesn’t mean their wedding is any less worthy of our likes or clicks. It just means many of these couples are more focused on their guests than anything else.

Often times when a person hears someone say they are having a small wedding, people believe it’s because of the budget. “Oh they are having a small wedding because they cannot afford a large one”. That might be true, but should never be applied as a reason for any small wedding.

I for one want a small wedding no more than a 50 person guest count. Why? Because I honestly don’t believe I know that many people close enough to have at my wedding. I also want a destination wedding so that should help narrow things down too.

How To Have A Small DC Wedding Groom Kissing Bride’s Hand – Andrew Roby Events

A few things to understand about a small DC weddings is:

  1. Small doesn’t mean quality or luxury is removed
  2. Small weddings still require creativity
  3. Small weddings have the benefit of being a low key wedding
  4. Small weddings are easier to manage for those who want to plan their own wedding
  5. Small wedding venues give you more options that a larger wedding may not have

All of these are great benefits to the couple planning a small DC wedding.

Another benefit I have seen is couples wanting to plan their own wedding. While I don’t always support this, I do when it makes sense. For smaller weddings I do believe that wedding consulting services can go a long way for those who plan on their own. For larger weddings, I can’t see how consulting will work because there are far too may pieces to put into place that you don’t have to do with a small wedding.

What is wedding consulting? This is a service that allows the couple to plan their wedding while also getting much needed advise from a professional Wedding Planner. The Planner is able to answer questions as they come, give advice during difficult decisions and offer up vendor support. This is not a hands on service and most of it is done over email or phone calls.

In Conclusion

No matter the size of your wedding, you will have several benefits. For those seeking a small wedding, use your small guest count to your advantage. Asking for help seems to be easier with it’s less people and action items to handle. Want some help on how to have a small DC wedding? Contact us.