Having a micro wedding at home was not something we’d ever considered until 2020 arrived gifting the world with this pandemic. Since we have moved from hosting large 250+ guest count weddings, we have shifted to hosting intimate wedding options. Months ago we decided to implement our DC Micro Wedding Packages which has since developed to better meet couple’s needs.

We went from planning large scale weddings to no weddings at all to micro weddings. During the process of planning intimate weddings, one couple Keita and Harold, asked if we could help them plan a micro wedding at home. I’ll admit, it was an interesting conversation. Because of COVID-19, we had to discuss limitations of physical distancing inside a home which tends to be smaller then normal venues. Thankfully Keita and Harold were right with us step-by-step during the process and making adjustments as needed.

How To Have a Micro Wedding At Home

What is a Micro Wedding?

It is exactly what it sounds like. A smaller version of a normal wedding. It’s not an elopement, but offers some elements of an elopement mixed with elements of a larger scale wedding. We break it down for you here.

I had a chance to chat with Keita on why she chose a micro wedding at home. Here’s what she said and how to do it.

How To Plan A Micro Wedding At Home Client Feedback

How To Have a Micro Wedding At Home

What made you want to have an intimate wedding at your home?

Keita: We wanted to experience a more intimate setting with only close family and friends.  We had just purchased our new home and the idea of celebrating our union in our first  home would be more meaningful and remembered in a very special way.


Were there any COVID-19 wedding precautions you considered or had to deal with? If so, what were they?

Keita: The precautions we faced were the number of guests we could invite and the requirements of wearing masks.  This limited our invitation list but it wasn’t too inconvenient for the wedding but somewhat decreased our reception invites.


What was the micro wedding design style you were seeking for your wedding ceremony?

Keita: Casual Lux style…… something simple, elegant and clean.


Was there anything you would have changed on your wedding day?

Keita: Absolutely nothing but the weather LOL,…. but the dampness and rain was only a sign that we will be swamped with showers of blessings for many years to come.

How To Have a Micro Wedding At Home

Micro Wedding At Home Tips

From a DC Wedding Planner perspective, here are some things to consider when planning a micro wedding at home.

  1. Make sure you have the space to do so. Keita and Harold held their ceremony inside their home. My first suggestion is to have your ceremony and reception outside. If you cannot, then make sure you clear out as much space as possible. The more furniture in your home in the areas where guests will be, is not a good idea. Overcrowded spaces leads to people sitting close to each other. Keita and Harold removed living room furniture and just had chairs in the main area.
  2. Ensure you have a good ventilation or air conditioning system in place. This also means changing your air filters a few days before your micro wedding. The use of fans in your home is also suggested to help circulate the air flow. Lastly, although your guest may be close friends and family, make sure they still wear a mask.
  3. Keita and Harold were very smart. The men got dressed downstairs in their basement while the women got dressed upstairs near the bedrooms. It also gave them a chance to bond and take the getting ready photos like you would at a normal wedding.
  4. Because of spacing, Keita and Harold only held the wedding ceremony at their home. They opted to have the wedding reception at a different location which was great. This prevents guests from being in one space for a long period of time.
  5. Allow your micro wedding vendors to arrive earlier in the day to set up. This helps to allow you to disinfect the area before your guests arrive. You don’t want to cram everything into a short timeline. Also consider how much space you have for decor. Larger homes can accommodate much more decor than smaller homes. Keita and Harold had the perfect amount of decor based on their guest count.


How To Have a Micro Wedding At Home

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In Conclusion

Micro weddings may not be your cup of tea. If it is, maybe you are still considering if you want to find a micro wedding venue or have it at home. The biggest benefit of having a micro wedding at home is the cost. You are saving a few thousand dollars on venue fees by having at your home. However, you are also increasing the risk of COVID-19 spreading inside your home. There are certainly pros and cons that each couple must consider before moving forward with any option.

We are happy to help you figure things out. We have consultation services that can answer the toughest questions. Contact us here. Or if you want someone to produce your DC micro wedding, fill out this form.