Babies Are Coming and That Means Baby Shower Season!It’s no surprise that winter is a key time for women to become pregnant. You have plenty of days off to really spend time with your husband or boyfriend, so it just makes sense. According to Harvard, most babies are born in September – September 16th to be exact. The day that kicks off the slew of bundles of joy is December 11th the most fertile day of all. Did you know that December 11th is Happy Conception Day? Who knew?!

Nevertheless, with all the new arrivals, you have to embrace the fun of throwing a baby shower. But sometimes that fun can turn into the worse baby shower EVER (Plays Phantom of the Opera Music)!! Here are some important tips to follow to avoid having a tragic baby shower and also being a guest of a shower. But first watch this Saturday Night Live clip.

Tip #1 – Be very specific on your invitations regarding if a plus one can attend. I believe baby showers are a very private affair. This isn’t your typical party where your friends can invite their friends or friend’s friend to come. You want your shower to be intimate to ensure someone you don’t know doesn’t cause too much of an annoyance.

Tip #2 – Baby showers are not the occasion to be inebriated. Let’s save that for….well never. We certainly want you to have a good time and if that means a few cocktails or sips of champagne then by all means.

Tip # 3 – The main attraction is the person who is pregnant. If you have that one friend who you love, but she loves to take center stage when it’s not her wedding, nor her birthday, or her baby shower, I recommend having a good friend sit right next to her to keep her tame. This also goes for feuding family members. Separate them and have a friend keep a close eye out.

Tip #4 – Baby showers are a great place to host some really creative games. But these games should not be the super bowl of baby shower games. Pick none competitive games to ditch some of the drama.

Tip #5 – If you are pregnant and your other friends don’t know; the time to tell them about your pregnancy is not at another person’s baby shower. This goes for wedding engagements too. If you have big news, share it well before or after the baby shower is over.

Tip #6 – Everyone knows that the best way to trump anyone at a baby shower is with a gift. They also know that these gifts are opened in front of everyone. But the worst part is when you have duplicate gifts and the reaction that comes with it. To avoid this issue, consider a registry that allows you to block out anyone else from purchasing a duplicate gift.

Certainly there are more horrifying things that could happen at your baby shower, but with the right Event Planner, we can help you mitigate all of this. Looking to plan your baby shower? Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.