The holidays are here and that means tons of delicious holiday food. It can also mean spending hours in the kitchen creating seasonal dishes. If you’re like me, I would much rather you cook while I eat. I would also rather not embarrass myself by calling your green bean casserole toasted spinach because I thought it was something new.  Who knew?You are certain to see your Facebook timeline filled with hits and misses. Your holiday party at work or at home should not be your chance to experiment with your guest’s digestive system.  With so many ways to present creative foods, we wanted you to be fully aware of how you can enjoy more time with your guests and less time in front of a hot stove.

Holiday Food Options

Drop Off – Did you know that you can get catered food dropped off at your office for a range of events? Holiday parties, meetings and conference snacks are just a few reasons. You would hire a catering company to create a menu option for you and your guests. From there, they can arrive on site and either give you the items or set up the food for a great presentation. Most companies will do this for a order of 10 people or more.

Holiday Dinner Package – The time it takes to create the perfect meal can take hours and sometimes days. For those potluck style parties, you never really know what the menu will be until your friends actually show up. Hopefully on time. Catering companies like Main Event Caterers have a current special allowing you to select from their menu. It’s $32.95 per person. The only thing you have to do is pick up your items and follow the warming instructions.

Holiday Food Services To Try holiday food display

Personal Chef – A few years ago my friend Naomi introduced me to PlateDate. It’s a company that uses highly trained chefs to come to your home and cook over-the-top meals for you without the expensive price. I love them because they also use local farms…win/win. It’s a 3 step process that will truly WOW your guests.

PlateDate is a premier online personal chef service that makes hiring a personal chef easy and fun! You can build your menu, book your reservation and pay for your reservation all in just a few simple clicks! Holiday Food


The holiday season is demanding. Shopping, decorating, cooking, and traveling can increase stress levels during a season that is all about relaxing and enjoying each other. Use this time of the year to simplify your life. Holiday food is important, but if you have ways to offer delicious meals at your office party or at home, why not use them?

Do you have another way to provide food to a holiday party? Comment below and let’s discuss. Would love to hear from you.