Each year I find myself getting into a all-in-fun debate with my social media friends over Father’s Day. Debating why Mother’s Day is more popular than Father’s Day. Or why single mothers shouldn’t expect recognition on both days. As funny as the debate may be, there is a much deeper understanding for those of us who were raised without a father. Being raised by my mother, it just makes the most sense for me to love Mother’s Day far more than I would Father’s Day. I mean what father am I really celebrating and honoring for being a positive figure in my life? Don’t get me wrong and please do not believe this will be some somber post because as the title says we will talk about Father’s Day Activities, but the background is much needed for the direction I’m going.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 24 million children in America — one out of every three — live in biological father-absent homes. Nine in ten American parents agree this is a “crisis.” It is believed that children with involved fathers, or father figures, do more across well-being than those without. Thankfully for me I’ve had a few father figures in my life who have helped guide me during some troubled times. John Hernandez, Jeremy Randolph and Rich Philbrick have all taught me life lessons. Not because a women couldn’t, but coming from a man’s perspective resonates better in my opinion.

As each Father’s Day arrives to it’s designated day, I can only stop and wonder what I could be doing with my father to celebrate his life and all that he’s taught me. Here are a few things that comes quickly to mind that you might want to consider this Father’s Day.

1- I’m the type that LOVES to eat. I can’t tell you how many TV commercials I’ve seen with a father and son in the back yard creating some form of BBQ. Gift your dad some new seasoning or cutlery to add to the experience.

Fathers Day Activities


2 – I’m all for preserving memories so taking photos would have to be on my list of things to do.

Fathers Day Activities


3- Being that I love basketball I would think it came from someone. I’ll just say my dad and that’s why going to a finals game would be on our list of activities.

Fathers Day Activities


4 – Crystal City is hosting a Car Show along with a beer-wine garden and live music. What better way to spend quality time than this?

Fathers Day Activities


5- Take him to a classic barber shop. Not any barber shop, but one that uses a modern day version of old school tools. You know the ones that have an actual shaving kit with a Badger Hair Brush.

Fathers Day Activities


There are so many options to pick from for Father’s Day. My advice would be to find things that will create a memory. Certainly we all can offer gifts to the special people in our lives. I just believe they will remember more of the moment you create than anything else.