Event furniture is playing a vital role in how events resonate with clients and their guests. In many cases the use of furniture almost competes with the flow of an event. The type of furniture used can elevate your event leaving guests with unforgettable memories. One benefit I’ve come to realize is the luxurious feel event furniture brings to an event. It’s inviting and gives you the feeling of comfort in many cases.

Another benefit is that not many guests want to be stuck at round or rectangle tables for the entire event. Accordingly, guests do not desire to see the same set up at every event they are invited to. Events can last well into the night and being stuck with only a chair to sit can be problematic. Giving them an alternative keeps them at your party and talking about it well after they have left.


From art deco outdoor parties to lavish indoor Indian Weddings, furniture truly plays a part in how events makes a person feel.

One person who knows all too well about the use of furniture is Heidi Brown from AFR Events. We caught up with Heidi to get her take on the impact furniture has within the event and wedding industry.

1 – Where do you see the event/wedding industry moving to as it relates to your particular field?

Heidi: Recently, we are seeing a shift in the desire for traditional elements and timelines. More and more couples are leaning towards heavy receptions with less formal seating arrangements. This is the exact type of environment that lends itself towards lounge seating and unique rental elements. We are including lounges by the dance floor, long communal tables, trendy stylized high tops, and smaller café tables.


2 – What are some misconceptions you have experienced while working with Wedding/Event Planners?

Heidi: That furniture rental is expensive. There are multiple angles you can take with various elements. Like mixing a wardrobe, include some high and low pieces and the set up can look more luxurious than the price tag.

3 – How would you like to push the boundaries that clients have set for themselves in order for them to have a more custom experience with you?

Heidi: We have the ability to print graphic images on most of our tables, bars and even barstools and chairs. This can be really any image from cherry blossoms to an image of Paris. The possibilities are endless for a unique one-of-a-kind look.


4 – What key tip(s) could you offer a Wedding/Event Planner in working with you on a project?

Heidi: Transparency. The more information you can provide, the better service and communication we can offer. Are we bidding against any other vendors? When is your client making final decisions? Is there a budget or range you are trying to stay within?

 The Espys outdoor lounge

5 – For the most part, how important is it to have planners get your feedback?

Heidi: I am your partner and available for guidance. I don’t expect you to know all of my product and it’s complementary pieces. I am also aware of the logistical challenges furniture can face when delivering to various venues. You may propose a piece to your client that just can’t work in a space. I would hate for them to get their heart set on an element that isn’t practical. Feedback and involvement is extremely helpful.

In conclusion, to hear more from Heidi, join us on August 27th as we host a design lounge for Event and Wedding Planners looking to learn new skills in event design. Register below.

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