You’ve seen dozens of weddings and events published from celebrity planners right? E! Online, The Knot, and Vogue showcase glamorous weddings and events. These are widely shared weddings and events filled with incredible ideas that clients and planners can use for their own events. It’s design inspiration at its core. But what if I told you that you can use event design techniques to capture big clients.

event-design-technique-andrew-roby-events Indian Wedding Mandap

Why Event Design Technique Matters

Many Wedding and Event Planners receive awards for their design creation. Companies like Biz Bash host their annual BizBash Event Style Awards which only means 2 things. Many people believe your work is truly breathtaking and people are hiring you with extremely large budgets.

Moreover with the right event design technique, rooms can be transformed from ugly carpets to monogrammed dance floors and drab popcorn ceilings to hanging installations. Only the biggest names in the wedding and event industry have the experience to create such masterpieces. As a matter of fact, those who have been in the industry for 20+ years receive awards. You have to spend hundreds of hours in a school to learn these techniques which can cost you thousands of dollars.

Well that’s actually not true. Not to mention you should run from anyone saying otherwise. Now pay close attention, because what I’m about to say is really important. As of this moment, the best event design technique to use in creating a breathtaking event is through hands-on training.

In the light of a regular degree, higher education won’t give you the event design technique you need. Additionally, trying to study Pinterest Boards and Instagram won’t give you the event design technique either.

The Event Design Lounge together with AFR can give you all that you need to get started in one day. A classroom full of books for weeks can be frustrating.  This is the solution you need to win those 100k+ budgets.

Furthermore, put the design lounge to the test because talk is cheap. Attend our design lounge and get your hands dirty with industry professionals who have seen success. They will give you the event design technique you can use for creating world class events.