Did you know Andrew Roby Events has a Youtube Channel?Here is the first video from our brand new series: Event Budget.

In this video we talk about what goes into your budget and how to properly prepare your budget during the planning stage.

Why is having an Event Budget important to the success of your event?

Here are several tips to answer this very important question and to keep money in your pocket.

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A few quick tips:

1 – Always have your budget listed out so that you can see it. Excel is a great tool to outline what the expected line item is and what you actually paid for it. Doing is this way allows you to see what items are necessary and what items can be taken off.

2 – Always know what your big items will cost. Things like your hotel’s food and beverage is important. Other line items such as security, audio visuals, and staffing are important.

3 – For some events, you can use your network to ask for support. If you go this route, ensure they are professionals with experience.

4 – If you aren’t sure if the money being spent sounds right, ask your friends who have had similar events. Every market is different, but if you are hosting an event in the same location as a friend, the numbers should be close.

5 – Be as realistic as you possibly can. Pinterest should be a source of inspiration not replication. Pinterest doesn’t have price tags.