Event & Floral Design Masterclass

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Early registration to our event and floral design masterclass is now available (limited time only). You’ll receive access to our design masterclass with an explosion of value that leads you to high paying opportunities creating signature experiences that  grows your business exponentially. 


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Who Should Attend?

Florists, Planners, Designers, Photographers, Videographers

Launch Date:

All attendees will have access to the virtual masterclass starting May 3, 2021.

What’s Inside Our Masterclass?

Event And Floral Design Masterclass Experience

This is a virtual masterclass led by me Andrew Roby and Bron Hanboro aka The Flower Guy Bron. BE PREPARED TO LEARN HOW TO DESIGN A LARGE SCALE DESIGN.

Our Workshops were created after I tried to create my own style shoot and missed tons of things that I wish someone told me about before I wasted money I didn’t have.

Sure I went to plenty of design workshops and webinars, but none of those actually gave me the tools I needed. It felt like it was all fluff. No real actionable steps. Although we were able to find vendors and a venue to support the style shoot, we didn’t get the buzz that we thought we would get. We didn’t even get published in a blog or magazine.

I did my research for myself and after years of successful style shoots that are published, I decided to not keep all of that knowledge to myself. I did not want planners to go through the same disappoint I did. Now I can ensure that you will leave our workshop with step-by-step tools to implement into your own style shoot and marketing goals.

What’s included

  • 2 Design Modules: We are teaching you what has made us successful and that includes step-by-step to making beautiful floral arrangements and designing jaw-dropping large scale spaces. 
  • 5 Design Business Modules: These modules cover pricing, marketing, publication submission, how to pitch to clients, and all the things you’ll need to grow a powerful future for your brand. 
  • 1-year Extended support following the masterclass, unlimited replays, and accessible at anytime. 
  • BONUS!! This masterclass includes seeing how we transform a room from start to finish using all the tools you’ve learned in our masterclass. 

Meet Your Instructor


Meet Your Instructor

Andrew Roby is a Wedding and Event Planner based in the Washington, DC area. When he’s not planning creative events for clients, Andrew enjoys leading workshops or speaking about trends within the wedding and event industry.

Andrew has successfully led numerous Style Shoot workshops allowing Planners to perfect their craft. His work has landed on the pages of Munaluchi Bride, Washingtonian Magazine, Aisle Perfect, Wedding Chicks, FOX, CNN, Logo TV, Obvious Magazine, Wedding Wire, and more.



Meet Your Instructor

Hi Everyone,

I’m Bron, the chief creative here at The Flower Guy Bron.  I’m a wanderer of the world and a modern day Renaissance man.  I love art, good wine and great company, oh and of course flowers.

My work with flowers is organic and my most natural expression.  I let the blooms whisper and I listen.  Therefore, it’s not always rocket science, but sometimes it is and I rise to the occasion.

 I live by the simple principle, “Be your best self” and encourage others to join me.


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Why should you attend our Event and Floral Design Masterclass?

Design Workshop

All workshops are unique

We strive to bring variety to our workshops. Just like no event or wedding is the same, our attendees learn a variety of style techniques to ensure they can meet the needs of every client.

Design Workshop

Dedicated Support

The learning does not stop once you are done with our workshop. We provide the resources and support you need 1-year following our course. Stuck with a design or floral concept? We are here to help. 

Design Workshop

Trending Venues & Locations

 All workshops are located in the most sought after venues. This makes it easier for you to envision what your ideal client would want from a venue. From state-of-the-art to whimsical chateaus, we give variety.

Design Workshop

Form valuable connections

The environment we create is about problem solving and creating concepts that reflects your style for your ideal client. Share ideas and build relationships with the area’s leading Professionals.

Design Workshop

Vendor Relations

You’ll have the opportnity to meet each of our vendors. Gain industry support, discounts, and learn how picking the right vendors can help you scale your business and boost profit.

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