Truly there is no set amount of time in which to plan your wedding. Of course the further out you give yourself the more likely it is that you will get exactly what you want.

However, taking up to 18 months to plan your wedding may not be the best situation for you. Maybe you’ve been engaged for a long time and are now ready to get married without adding to the wait. Just maybe, God forbid, you have a dying relative that you want to be present at your wedding which means it has to happen now. Whatever the reason, we want to give you a easy way to plan your wedding in 3 months.

Before I jump into how to do this, let me explain that we have done this before and I would never give you advice on things I know nothing about. The wedding for Tony and Tanisha thanks to Wish Upon A Wedding, took us 3 months to plan.

How To Plan Your Wedding In 3 Months Tanisha and Tony Wedding

I’d like to also mention that Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas wedding took 4 months to plan. Sure they have the money to do it, but weddings like this isn’t just for the rich.

Month 1 – How To Plan Your Wedding in 3 Months

Hire Experienced Vendors

This is the time where you will need as much time to plan every single detail. It is essential that you create a wish list of vendors to help you execute this quick planning. I believe it will be next to impossible for any couple to plan a wedding under these conditions without help.

For vendors I urge you to only hire vendors who have experience. Here’s why. When you are giving anyone a limited amount of time to plan such a big day there is pressure and room for error. You want seasoned vendors that work well under pressure. These are vendors who have a proven track record and not anyone who has only completed a few DC weddings.

Set A Realistic Budget

If you are planning a wedding in 3 months, now is not the time to declare negotiation war on anyone. You are asking people to almost stop giving as much attention on other weddings and projects to now focus on yours and work fast. The last thing they have time for is to go back and forth in negotiations over fees.

You should also be prepared to pay a little more than a person who has a wedding 18 months from now. You’re asking for a lot in a little amount of time. Your request will come at a premium and not simply because you state you’re getting married.

Wedding Wire reports that couples tend to underestimate their wedding budget by 40%.

Be Open To Different Wedding Dates

How To Plan Your Wedding In 3 Months Photo: Brooke Larke

We understand that you might want to have your wedding on a specific date. When giving limited amount of time to vendors and venues, you may not get your ideal date. More than 2.3 million couples are married each year so it will be tough to get your ideal date with a 3 month notice.

The most popular wedding dates are:

  • 1 October 7
  • 2 October 14
  • 3 September 30
  • 4 October 21
  • 5 November 11

Note: Saturday is the most popular day in the week to get married.

Once you have a date, book your venue. Remember you may not get the venue you want so be open and identify what in a venue you have to have. Here’s a step-by-step process to picking the perfect DC wedding venue.

Hire A DC Wedding Planner

Who better to ensure your wedding planning doesn’t miss any key elements than an Wedding Planner? Find a planner that you can trust. One that has great referrals and will be honest with your process. This is no time to find friends who do wedding planning as a hobby. Your Wedding Planner will have trust and experienced vendors to make your wedding run smoothly.

Schedule Your Fitting and Tastings

How To Plan Your Wedding In 3 Months Photo Charissee Kenion

If you want a custom wedding gown, I urge you to consider something that’s off the shelf. A custom gown takes time which in this case you may not have. Alterations can take 2 to 3 months from start to finish. Most bridal salons have other clients that are also waiting on their gown. Add in the time it takes for a custom gown and you may not have it arrive on time.

As soon as you book your venue, schedule a tasting. This gives your chef enough time to understand what you want and how to properly display each course. You also want to make sure your baker will get your flavors correct.

Send Out Save The Dates

How To Plan Your Wedding In 3 Months Photo: Micheile Henderson

I encourage you to send notice to all potential guests via text message or email. By this time you will not have any invitations ready to send anyone. I would also urge you to create a wedding website and have your guests RSVP there verses sending you back responses in the mail. Remember time delays can occur if you are waiting on the mail to arrive to your guests, them to decide if they will attend, and then send their response back to you via mail.

Month 2 – How To Plan Your Wedding In 3 Months

Identify Your Wedding Party And Give Assignments

Your wedding party will be your saving grace when it comes to informing everyone of your wedding. Use them to help you confirm RSVPs. They can also help you get through your own checklist as well.

NOTE: No matter what type of wedding you have or what level of service you hired your Wedding Planner for, you as the couple will still have a list of things you will have to get done.

Send Invitations

If you do decide to send paper invitations, month 2 is the time to send them. Make sure you information your guests that they have to RSVP at a date no less than 2 weeks from your wedding. Your venue, baker, and Wedding Planner will need numbers by this time. Some venues will allow you to increase your guest count and make menu changes up to 3 days before your wedding date.


When dealing with a limited time frame, things can fall through the cracks. It’s essential that you confirm your venue and vendors to ensure they are still on board. By this time all deposits should have been made and you are getting ready to make final payments.

Month 3 – How To Plan Your Wedding in 3 Months

Hold Final Wedding Vendor Calls/Meetings

This is the time that you want to hear from all of your vendors to make sure all questions are answered and they don’t have any pending action items. Your Wedding Planner should lead this effort and keep you informed. All last minute details should be outlined by your DC Wedding Planner with a date they will be completed.

Final Fittings

Make sure you, your fiance, and wedding party all have their final fittings and any alternations issues are addressed.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

How To Plan Your Wedding In 3 Months Bachelor Party

Now would be a perfect time to host your parties. It’s a great way to unwind, check in on your wedding party and give you a much needed wedding planning break. Pamper yourselves and get ready for an exceptional wedding experience.

Do you have a short wedding you are planning and need help? Contact us here to see how we can keep things on track.