Who loves going on a cool field trip? As a kid going on field trips meant new discoveries. I got my first look at tigers at the zoo. Seeing how Nestle made chocolate at their factory was wild. These discoveries allowed me to see and experience new things outside of the classroom.

Now as an adult, I still enjoy taking field trips. Being a DC Event Planner I can get caught up in the hustle of work. Thankfully, part of what I do is finding new DC event venues and catching up with vendors.

I had a chance to play catch up with Suhail Kamron, Partner at Accent Event Rentals at their new warehouse. We previously worked with Munaluchi Bridal Magazine for a Valentine’s Day event that you can see in the below photo.

DC Rental Company Accent Event Rentals Furniture by Accent Event Rentals – Edward Underwood Photography

DC Event Rental Inventory

For those who are unfamiliar with them, they provide luxury event rentals ranging from chairs to bars and tables. While at their warehouse, I was like a kid in a candy store. I found out that they also did fabrication, dance floor wraps, could provide linen and had a ton of décor items ready to rent.

DC Rental Company Accent Event Rentals

Enhancing the DC Event Experience

I have found that often times event rental companies like Accent Event Rentals, have so much inventory that it’s rather difficult to place everything online. This is why I love visiting.

Not only does a visit allow me to see what they have, it also allows us to talk about what items they have coming.

Kamran told me about a lot of great inventory that is being made to better service the DC event market. I thought that was exciting because I do feel the DC market is a little behind when it comes to what we view as standard.

Take chiavari chairs for example. Many people think these are an upgrade. At a point in time they were. Today, the clients I serve are looking for more luxury looking chairs. They don’t want to see a rectangle table with black linen on it to serve as their bar. That isn’t a way to elevate the experience.

DC Rental Company Accent Event Rentals Luxury chair and clear table – Accent Event Rental
When guests attend events, they normally look for three things:

  1. How beautiful the event space looks.
  2. If the food is delicious or not.
  3. How are you able to enhance their event experience over other events they’ve attended.

Each of these are critical touch points that will either have your guests running away from your event or asking you when the next event is.

When you create an event, communicate your needs with companies like Accent Event Rentals as early as possible. They have the capabilities to create anything that you need. I encourage you all to check out their website and Instagram to see images and videos of the magic they bring.

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