On August 8, 2020, we held our first DC micro wedding at the Perry Belmont House. The groom who’s name is also Perry and his wife Sandra was introduced to us from one of our favorite wedding photographers Edward Underwood Photography. Hearing their story, they initially had plans at another venue with a different team to plan their DC wedding. Because of several situations, Perry did some research to figure out how to still make his wedding day plans work.

Perry came across our DC micro wedding page and saw that Edward was on the list of photographers. He then reached out to learn more about us and the ability to execute his wedding plans in 12 weeks.

DC Micro Wedding Virtual Tour at Perry Belmont House

Since we only had 12 weeks to pull this all together, we had to ensure the couple was ok with our venue of choice. The Perry Belmont House did a great job with quickly getting a 3D virtual tour on their website. This allows couples to experience the place without having to visit the location. Since we have planned several events there, the virtual tour is the perfect representation to what you will see. However, in person is always grand.

One of the best features of our DC micro wedding experience is couples get a two for one opportunity which is exclusive through Andrew Roby Events. You have the Petite Salon and the Grand Salon for your wedding day.

Wedding Ceremony – Perry Belmont House Petite Salon

DC Micro Wedding

The Petite Salon at Perry Belmont is a jaw dropper. Beautiful chandeliers, custom gold trim throughout the entire room and ceilings that reach the stars. Having a DC micro wedding in this room makes you feel as if you are entering a royal wedding in Paris. This beautiful room requires little decorations which many couples love.

Perry and Sandra opted to remain in the ceremony space and take photos with their guests and excluded a cocktail hour. Photos are more important. Since this was a short ceremony and we had the Grand Salon as a secondary space, guests would be ushered into reception shortly after. This also allowed Chip Dizard Weddings to give more viewing time to those watching the live stream at home.

DC Micro Wedding Reception at Perry Belmont House

As Sandra and Perry concluded their ceremony and photos, all the guests were escorted into the Grand Salon for an abbreviated dinner reception. It was important to Sandra and Perry to have a reception since they had guests from out of town. They also wanted to ensure everyone would be safe and have adequate distancing. With 24 total guess, the Grand Salon was the perfect choice that offered plenty of space for all.

DC Micro Wedding

We discussed with Perry the idea of seating all guests in pods. This means all families who lived together would be sat at the same table. Since this was an intimate DC wedding, many of the guests were brothers and sisters so this made the seating arrangement easier to manage.

The couple also elected to not have guests dancing or anything that would require them to move around while others were eating. None of the guests complained about not being able to dance or anything of the nature. They enjoyed every aspect of the reception and how comfortable the environment was.

Watch the review they let us here.

DC Micro Wedding Vendors

To pull off this wedding in 12 weeks, we teamed up with the following companies:

Edward Underwood Photography

Chip Dizard Weddings

Designs by Oochay

Fingers in Ink

Blue lace Cakes

Main Event Caterers