Lesly and Lydia’s DC micro wedding at Elizabeth’s on L St was one for the records. In addition to their love for travel and style, Lesly and Lydia were my dream couple. As a matter of fact, they met at a soccer game in Goma the capital of North Kivu province in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. In getting to know them during the wedding planning phase, Lydia was in the states while Lesly was abroad for work.


How They Met

Lydia was given a heads up from colleagues about how hard-working, athletic, and handsome Lesly was, and upon meeting, he quickly got her number from their coworker, Fred, and immediately asked her out for dinner.  The chemistry and conversation was great, and that first date lasted over three hours; by the end, you two had agreed to stay in the “daily worker” zone – simply feeling things out, taking it easy, day by day.   

The second date was on the calendar soon after, and culminated with romantic dancing and a sweet kiss! In Goma, they visited each other often, and after one month, Lesly was planning an amazing holiday to the Seychelles. In like manner, both worked for Doctors Without Borders doing humanitarian healthcare work. Lesly later shared that he’d be happy to have Lydia as his one and only “daily worker.”


The Engagement

By March, Covid hit, and sadly Lydia was forced to return to the states. In a bold move, Lesly told Lydia he was shipping her a dress but it was actually a sparkly, diamond-studded engagement ring in that FedEx envelope! One week later,he followed up with a formal proposal to share a new life with Lydia, focused solely on love and commitment. She enthusiastically accepted and here we are!


DC Micro Wedding at Elizabeth’s on L St

The wedding ceremony was all about family and friends. Those in attendance for this intimate gathering understood the deep care Lesly and Lydia has for them. Lydia and Lesly understood the importance of every single guests and those watching from home.

Equally important, guests came in from various locations to honor Lesly and Lydia’s marriage. Their guests are in every fabric of the wedding. From the reading of ‘Blessing of the Hands‘, by Reverend Daniel Harris to the mid-1700 hand fasting ceremony. Various moments during the ceremony reminded us just how important family is to this beautiful couple.

Following the DC micro wedding ceremony, our couple and their guests remained at the venue. They enjoyed cake cutting, champagne toasts, and a four-course dinner.


DC Micro Wedding Vendors

DC Wedding Planner Andrew Roby Events

Photographer Edward Underwood Photography

DC Wedding Venue Elizabeth’s on L St

Wedding Officiant A Love United LLC

DC Wedding Florist Violet Garden Floral Design

DC Wedding Baker Blue Lace Cakes

Wedding Videographer Chip Dizard Weddings