It was a Sunday when we received a call from Ellen who said she wanted to have a DC micro wedding at the DC War Memorial. The requested sounded reasonable enough. Then the caveat arrived that the wedding was to take place the following Sunday. Seven days from the time of our first call.

Ellen, one of the most beautiful brides we have had, is a TV Host for Great Day Washington. WUSA9 is the parent of the show and we have done our fair share of Thanksgiving and Christmas Segments with them. Her fiancé and now husband, Reese is a Comedian, Commentator and Writer. He is also the host of Get Up DC!, also on WUSA9.

Although the request for a wedding in seven days may not be ideal, it was the perfect opportunity for Ellen and Reese. Here’s what took place.

DC Micro Wedding at DC War Memorial

DC Wedding Venue: DC War Memorial

Believe it or not, you need a permit in order to have a wedding at the DC War Memorial for a DC Mirco Wedding or otherwise. You can apply for the permit here. We do not recommend simply walking to any monument looking to have a wedding or an event.

Thankfully, we were able to get a permit and a time frame when we could have the micro wedding. Once this was set, everything else simply fell in line. We secured all of the needed vendors and ensured everyone was aware of the wedding details. When planning a wedding at a monument, the logistics are different from other venues. For one, you have to bring everything with you to include power.

DC Micro Wedding at DC War Memorial

DC Wedding Day

In order to produce this micro wedding, we hired Chip Dizard Weddings to live stream the ceremony. Sweet Blossoms made the bouquet and boutonniere based on Ellen’s wedding colors. Ellen hired Photographer Francis Abbey and we sealed the deal with Officiant Meet You At The Alter.

Ellen wanted to have a trolley pick up her and the wedding party as they toured DC prior to arriving at the War Memorial. To ensure she would be able to walk down an aisle, we had the trolley stop on the street directly in front of the War Memorial. Reese was already positioned inside the memorial dome waiting for his bride to take her walk.

Ellen exited the trolley and made her way towards the War Memorial where guests surrounded her and Reese as they said their vows to one another.

Here’s a glimpse into Ellen and Reese’s beautiful DC Micro Wedding at DC War Memorial.

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