The word personalization has been thrown around a lot in the event and wedding industry. Sadly, you can still see events and weddings that look the same. Personalization is a way to distinguish your wedding or event from anyone else. It’s the floral arrangements. It’s the reception layout. It’s the way you display escort cards and so many other items.

If you want to personalize your wedding or event it starts with understanding who you are and what you like. You then bring forth those ideas into your design and here is where I’d like to explore the trends to consider.

Here Are Three Top 2019 Design Trends to Focus On


DC Event Planner Top 2019 Design Trends Photo: Jonas Jacobsson
There are certain materials that will allow your DC Wedding or event to stand out. Art Deco inspired furniture is a huge hit right now. Focus on the curves of a sofa, lush fabrics and linen, and soft hues that are also colorful.

I know you might love a solid fabric or linen options, but textures are what gets people excited. Last year at the DC Muna Love Affair, I used velvet napkins on the table and guests went crazy over them. Pair these with your metallics and marbles surfaces. Design should send the eye everywhere and not be a matchy environment. It just has to look cohesive.

When you’re matching materials don’t be afraid to test things out. Faux fur goes well with marble and woods. Don’t be afraid to use black in your designs this year. It’s one of my best tricks to ensure the other colors POP.

One last thing to remember for materials is to not forget the accent items. I already mentioned fur, but don’t forget your rugs, pillows, and chairs. I know a lot of people love a chiavari chair, but honestly, these thing are the past. There are so many luxury rental chair options out there to help elevate your overall look.

Chair Tip: You don’t have to rent 250 luxury chairs for all your guests. Feel free to mix low and high-end chairs together. Use the high-end chairs for your VIP or head tables. That’s the perfect POP to any design.

Top 2019 Design Trends: Technology and Displays

DC Event Planner Top 2019 Design Trends Photo: Guy Xin Gho
Let’s start with displays. We do our fair share of corporate events. Expos and conferences tend to me a big part of the display problem we see. If you follow all of the tips we shared in the above Materials section and then have displays with no creativity, you’ve just wasted an opportunity. When it comes to displays, the standard seems to be a 8ft table with linen and 2 chairs. That is the worst idea ever if you want to stand out.

I recommended to one of my favorite DJs a display that would cover up his DJ system. Not that his system was ugly looking, it simply did not compliment the rest of the room design. What did he do? He went out and purchased one of my recommendations, added lighting to it and wrote me back saying how elated he is about this.

What does this do for him really? When your client sees that you are making a simple yet big effort to be cohesive, they use that to refer you to other friends who need a DJ. Get where I’m going?

Use that same idea for vendor displays at conferences and expos. This is about investing more into your overall look and giving a world class presentation. Sure it’s an added cost, but image the social media marketing you can use with your new display.

Now for technology. Events and weddings must have charging stations. Guests don’t want to go back to their hotel room to charge their phones. They have been with you for hours and you know they are tweeting and instagramming away. Help them out by providing charging stations that are both high-tech and chic looking.

AFR Furniture has a few sofas and tables that have charging stations inside them. If you are hosting a conference, expo, or workshop help ensure attendees are your social promoters as they chat about their experience at your event. No one is chatting with a 10% battery life.

Lighting is also a big thing. Last year while doing a site visit with my clients at the Gaylord National Harbor, we arrived in the middle of a light testing. They were days away from their annual light show that provided one insane lighting display with Christmas music. We were thoroughly impressed and this is why you need to elevate your lighting experience. Events and weddings are so much more than up-lighting around the perimeter of a room. My friends at The LightSource Company draws your eye to the sky with rotating displays on the ceiling. They can easily change what a wall looks like with unique lighting patterns. It’s time to get creative.

Top 2019 Design Trends: Color Vs Pattern

DC Event Planner Top 2019 Design Trends

Photo Annie Spratt

One of the hardest things to find is a DC venue with a neutral color palette. Sure some venues might have cream colored walls, but check out the carpet; it’s in it’s own world. My favorite color to work with is gray. Why? Because gray picks up color very well and can easily be used with your color palette.

Colors set the mood and when you intentionally use them at your event or DC wedding, you can ensure the mood is just right. Blues are starting to be a popular choice for seating. Seating arrangements have been separated by different color palettes to make you feel as if you’re in another space.

Pantone’s Color of The Year, Living Coral, gives you vibrant qualities yet still has a soft undertone. The use of colors can convey calmness or excitement for any guest. If you are hosting a dance party, use vibrant colors. If you are hosting a charity event, consider something that is calm and allows guests to focus on your message.

Don’t be afraid of using patterns. I’m not talking about busy patterns either. You probably think I’m talking about plaid as well. Nope. Patterns can help turn a boring room into excitement. Using a pillow as an example with a pattern can help tie in all of your colors. Patterns can also make your event more playful. But be careful because if you use it incorrectly, you can go from sophisticated to tacky in T-Minus 3.5 seconds.

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