In life we tend to get so caught up in the major wins and never give time to celebrate the small wins. I like to call my small wins mini miracles because without them I’d never see the big win/miracles.

Today I was on LinkedIn and ran across Mike Luzio’s post on one of my favorite players – LeBron James. LeBron was once a Miami Heat player which is why I like him even though he left us, for good reason.

I also like LeBron because of his HBO series called The Shop. On this show LeBron brings on various people from various background, ethnicities and sexual orientations to talk about what we all go through. Him and his cast give insight to relationships that have turned south and times when failure was actually a revelation.

When I saw the video that Mike posted on LinkedIn it reminded me of so much. Watch the video below and we will talk some more.

In this video, Lebron James talks to his son Bryce, who is upset at his poor offensive performance after a win. Despite having the win, Bryce still wanted to fix things he found need some work.

LeBron told Bryce to focus more on the three crucial plays that helped his team to win and not so much on how many shots he didn’t make. LeBron has used this in his own life. On his show The Shop he made it known that his biggest career moment was when he didn’t win the NBA Finals.

How crazy is that? It was the moment in his career that really drove him to be great and to recognize how special the times when he did win the Finals actually were.

Isn’t that just like life? We tend to spend so much time focusing on our failures and times where we may have not overachieved. We can really beat ourselves up in the quest for perfection that we forget how important those littler miracles are. Also how key it is to celebrate the small wins.

It’s the mini miracles, the small accomplishments and wins that get us to win the big ones. LeBron and Mike understand that it’s not about the video views, how many likes you get, how many contracts you land, or any of the other vanity metrics that strokes one’s ego.

If we fall short in celebrating these mini miracles how can we expect to celebrate the big ones?


Here are some ways that Great Performance Academy says you can celebrate small wins

  1. Notice them. …

  2. Get excited. …

  3. Communicate your small wins. …

  4. Establish habits which help you to make small wins every day. …

  5. Live in the present moment and acknowledge it. …

  6. Reward yourself. …

  7. Don’t pile pressure upon yourself.

I want to hear from you. What are some ways you celebrate small wins everyday? Comment below.