In today’s wedding world, many service providers have begun
to blur the lines as to what they offer. You have DJs that also provide
“lighting” for clients. You have Planners who also offer makeup services. The
list goes on and any bride or groom can start to get confused.

It doesn’t help when you watch movies or TV shows that
further makes one believe that one person can do it all. For the unknowing
couple, it’s really easy to think so.

In situations like this, you wonder who you should really be hiring to make sure your wedding will have everything you need. When we hold wedding consultations, many couples did not realize that a Wedding Planner, Coordinator, and Designer are all different services. In some cases these are different people.

Didn’t know that? Further confused?

It’s ok. Let’s break down what the differences between all

What is the difference between a Wedding Planner,
Coordinator, and Wedding Designer?

Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner

A Wedding Planner is the person that is going to focus on
the following:

  1. Finding a venue
  2. Finding vendors
  3. Negotiating contracts
  4. Scheduling your menu tasting
  5. Creates your day of schedule
  6. Track your budget
  7. Makes sure your vision comes to life
  8. Manages travel and accommodations
  9. Create floor plans
  10. Manage RSVPs

Most Certified Wedding Planners require 8-12 month notice to effectively plan your wedding. It’s also encourage that you start planning further out than that as many wedding venues and vendors get booked fast. When you contact a DC Wedding Planner online, make sure you ask if they will be there every step of the way.

What is key to understand about a planner is that their job
is based on what you ask them to do. There is no set list of things that
applies to all weddings. With that, a planner’s price is based on the amount of
work that you are asking them to do.

A wedding of 100 people in many cases will not cost the same
as a wedding for 400 people. In this example there is far more work to be done
with 400 guests than with 100 guests.

It can take a wedding planning company 300 or more hours to plan a wedding. Between answering emails, phone calls, attending meetings, working with vendors, and day of work can add up. It’s key to know you wedding planner cost.

Wedding Coordinator

Wedding Coordinator

A Wedding Coordinator is the person that is going to focus
on the following:

  1. Day of timeline/schedule
  2. Load in and load out of vendors
  3. Works with wedding party
  4. Confirms all of the planning that you have done
  5. Double checks contracts you have signed
  6. Does final walkthrough

Just by looking at the two lists above, you can see there is
a difference with who does what. For a Coordinator, it is key to know that the
couple does all of the planning. The Coordinator comes in 6-8 weeks before you wedding
which in most cases isn’t enough time to plan anything.

If you are the type of couple who wants to make all decisions
and plan the bulk of your wedding, this is the best option.

The cost for a Dallas Wedding Coordinator or one near you is
far less than what you would pay for a Wedding Planner.

Lastly, it’s key to know your limitations and that of your
Coordinator. If you are a DIY couple, please understand that your Coordinator
may not be able to take on all of the projects you tried to do, but cannot
complete. Remember the planning and all of the preparation is your

Wedding Designer

Wedding Designer

A Wedding Designer is the person that is going to focus on
the following:

  1. Linen selection
  2. Table types
  3. What the flowers will look like
  4. Lighting color and type
  5. Table top décor
  6. Oversee decoration set up for ceremony and

In short, your Designer is going to focus on all of the
pretty. The things that you can see and feel is a Designer’s responsibility. It
is key to state that not all Wedding Designers are Florist and not all Florist
are Wedding Designers.

Many people get this very confused. Another clarification is
that you have to ensure that your Designer is going to focus on what the ensure
room or ceremony space looks like. If they have the title of Designer, then
this is part of their job.

Just think of hiring Wardrobe Stylist Keri Henderson and all she provides you with is a dress or tux. But what about the shoes, the accessories, and anything else? Same goes for your Designer. They have to focus on it all.

Now here is some good news. There are plenty of Wedding Planners who can do all three. We are one of the wedding planning companies in DC that can. Note: Each of these are a different service and should not be grouped into one service. With that, each has its own wedding service prices.

In Conclusion

It’s key that every couple takes the time to determine what they want from their wedding. This is a critical step that is often overlooked. Any of the above services can apply to every wedding or none. You get to select what service works best for you. Don’t be afraid to ask your Wedding Planner what full wedding planning includes as it may not include everything stated above. Ask about their wedding planning career want are popular services.

Have questions? Leave them as a comment or send us a message here.