Amid the workday hustle and bustle, it can be easy to let small victories slip by without taking time to celebrate them.

Building a solid team has everything to do with building relationships, creating a healthy company culture, and showing your team that you value them. One way to do this is by celebrating milestones as your company reaches them. This shows your team that you care about their success and never overlook their contributions.

Throwing a party for significant business achievements is one way to enjoy success with your company. However, a poorly-planned party will look like a half-hearted attempt to win the favor of your employees. Proper planning is essential to make your employees feel genuinely appreciated.

But, where do you start? How do you reward and incentive your corporate team through an event?

Here are seven steps for successful corporate party planning.

1. Determine the Purpose for the Party

What milestone did you reach? Start by writing down what your team accomplished and your goals for the upcoming party. The first step should be somewhat of an establishment and brainstorming phase. Make sure the party’s purpose is clear and that your employees know exactly why the event is happening.

2. Establish Your Desired Outcome

What do you want to happen as a result of your party? Do you want it to be solely celebratory and fun? Do you want it to be a mix of fun and work? Are you trying to strategically plan this party as an opportunity to present your follow-on big goals and discuss how to reach them? Articulate your desired outcome to set the tone for your event ahead of time.

3. Pick a Date and Schedule it

This may seem obvious, but often we get so caught up in planning and other busy endeavors that we forget to check the most specific things off the list. Do not forget to pick a date and get the word out so people have time to plan and get it on their calendar. Look at other corporate events and schedule accordingly so there aren’t any conflicts.

4. Create a Visual Aid

A visual aid will show that you put preparation and thought into this celebration. That you care. It will also help the event to feel planned out and sophisticated. When it comes to corporate events planning, details matter. They help set the tone and help guide the flow of the event. Visuals may include printed programs, montage videos, framed awards, etc.

5. Provide an Award of Some Sort

Including components that reward your team will help to encourage continuous effort in meeting the next goal or milestone. Some ideas for incentives include:

  • Gifts for employees who helped achieve the milestone
  • Verbal recognition
  • Refreshments/drinks

6. Publicize

Although not the #1 purpose of your party, it can double as a marketing opportunity to shine a positive light on your company in public. Be loud and proud of your accomplishment and share it with the public. This may be the perfect opportunity to do some branding. Perhaps you could come up with a company motto or phrase that ties in with your company’s achievement as a marketing tool. Consider inviting someone from the media to attend your event and write an article about it.

7. Involve Your Team in the Planning

You know which employees would be super helpful in the planning aspect of your celebration. Don’t be afraid to delegate and involve your staff. Maybe you have decided to create a planning committee. Perhaps you have someone in mind who would be ideal for taking this on. If you don’t want your employees to feel pressured to do extra work, make it optional. Delegating will relieve some of your burden but also facilitate more buy-in from your staff, which can increase their loyalty to the company.

Is This Achievement Celebration-Worthy?

Achievements in life and work are something to celebrate. Hard work is something to celebrate. But what might be considered a milestone and not a norm? Milestones differ depending on the industry you’re in and the demographic and company culture you work within.

They may include:

  • Significant anniversaries
  • Major funding
  • Initial public offerings
  • Acquisition of a new business
  • The opening of a new location
  • Reaching a sales goal
  • Retirement of an owner
  • Company growth
  • Reaching revenue goals
  • Major promotions

Get creative and have fun in the process. Don’t let your company’s big achievements slide by without proper recognition. After all, you wouldn’t be where you are without your incredible team. Make sure your team knows that you know that.

Small and large victories deserve to be celebrated, and the big ones deserve a party! If you’re looking for a business event planner in DC, Los Angeles, or Dallas, give us a call. We’ll make sure you honor those accomplishments in an unforgettable way.


Business Team Performing Well? Throw them a Party!