Do you know the differences between virtual events and webinars? Are they in fact the same thing?

As of late, many people have been associating virtual events and webinars as the same. With so many people now online in an effort to stay educated and connected, I can see why these two are interchangeable.

However, there is a big difference between what happens during a webinar and during a virtual event.

To showcase the differences between these two, it’s helpful to identify what their purposes are.

Are Virtual Events and Webinars The Same?

A Webinar – Short for web-based seminar. A webinar is a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted using video conferencing software.

Many people use a webinar to:

  1. Present a new product
  2. Position themselves as an expert
  3. Generate new leads
  4. Offer a limited time value

In essence, a webinar‘s aim is one person targeting many people to meet a direct need they have via presentation.

A Virtual Event – multi-session online events that create experiences similar to face to face events, but virtually.

Many people use virtual events for:

  1. Conferences
  2. Trade Shows
  3. Company wide gatherings
  4. Team building

In essence, a virtual event is multiple people coming together to create an experience. It educates, entertains, and allows audience engagement on a larger scale.

Why does any of this matter to you?

The way you prepare for virtual events and webinars are completely different. Take fixing a car as an example. They way you fix a car isn’t the same way you would fix a motorcycle. Do they both have an engine? Yes, but are they the same? No.

Many professionals have fallen short because they believe virtual events and webinars are the same thing. This is far from the truth. It can be detrimental to the success of your event.

Failing to properly prepare for either can result in:

  1. Technical Issues
  2. Loosing warm or hot leads
  3. Being overlooked for a promotion
  4. Having disengaged audiences

and so much more.

My name is Andrew Roby and I am the lead Event Planner at Andrew Roby Events.

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