Goal setting is probably one of the biggest things you see as we near the end of a calendar year. Many come in the form of vision boards, but ultimately the results are all the same.

Whenever I decide to create goals for my event planning company, I first have to see what was accomplished in the previous year. Trying to move forward without reflecting on those goals may lead to more not being accomplished.

Last year, I must admit was pretty awesome. Now when I say awesome that does not mean it was easy. My team and I shared many challenges despite traveling throughout the U.S. to plan events. Last year was our highest sales year thus far. However, add a sprinkle of stress, anxiety, and being magicians, we made it through.

This year we have new clients which may lead us to much more excitement. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on that. But enough!! Here are our 2020 Business Goals that I want to share with you.



Andrew Roby Events 2020 Business Goals


Increase Hourly Wage For Staff

Now for many of you, you might think this is automatic. You may also be a government employee or work for a firm and not for yourself. There was a time where I wished for an increase, but was not promised it because the cash flow did not allow me to do so.

Since we have a steady stream of clients, I’m happy that I am able to increase the hourly wage for my team. My team is everything and truly does deserve to have an annual raise that compliments the hard work that they’ve done throughout the year.


Execute More Individual Events

As the lead Event Planner, it’s my goal to not always be engaged in every event that we plan. My team is strong and therefore, it’s time for them to start serving as Project Manager for a variety of events. This also opens us up to the opportunity to take on more clients who may not have a large guest count or requirement.

With this move, it allows me to continue to teach more workshops and really spend more time serving as a Motivational Speaker. This means more conferences, podcasts, and other learning opportunity where I can impact others to reach their greatness. Besides, not all events we plan require 5 people to execute them.


Purchase Company SUV

This to me is really important because having the ability to load in and load out at events is critical. Often we rent the necessary cargo vans to execute events, but for day-to-day activities, having a SUV would make things a lot easier.

Many small business owners operate with what they have. Meaning if they already have a SUV then this isn’t a factor. However, I don’t want to use my personal vehicle as a means to do the job a company vehicle can and should be handling.  The only problem now, is picking out which one makes the most sense. Any recommendations?


Plan A New Year’s Eve Event

now this might sound silly or strange to you all. Aren’t we Event Planners in DC, LA, and Dallas? YES! Why not just find a client to have you plan their party?

All good questions. I want to plan an Andrew Roby Events New Year’s Eve Party. A party where past and current clients, friends and family could attend on us. When we plan a party for a client, it’s all about them and their family and friends. This year, I want to change that for just a moment.


Gain More Clients in LA, Dallas, and Atlanta


I love being a Washington, DC Event and Wedding Planner. However, I also love the vibe I get when I am in Dallas or LA. The type and feel is completely different than what we get in DC. Another thing is the type of clients we seek to grow with are in these locations.

My 2020 Business Goals is to do more corporate work with companies such as Netflix, Visa, BET, and HBO. Each of these companies create some spectacular events that I want to be a part of.

I’m a world traveler and will always want to travel the world planning events. It’s time to start doing more of that.


Be sure to follow us throughout the year and hold us accountable for these goals. It’s something very dear to us and we will need all of the encouragement to get there. Drop a comment and let us know what 2020 personal goals or 2020 business goals you are trying to achieve.