Having a baby is a huge reason to celebrate. Plus, this new phase of life doesn’t come cheap, and a shower opens up the opportunity for guests to help out with some of the gear, apparel, toys, etc. that your friend will need and want to welcome her new baby.

Most of all, a baby shower is the perfect way to help your friend escape the daily stresses and have some fun with her closest peeps. She deserves to enjoy this time and be showered with love.

There are so many different styles for baby shower themes. Choosing a theme that matches the guest of honor’s personality is essential. Every detail matters and organization is key in event planning and management. Here is a general schedule to follow when planning a baby shower.

Nine to Ten Weeks Prior:

1. Lockdown the Planning Team/Hosts

Even if you’re the primary host, planning a baby shower is much more manageable if you have help. Who else is close to the guest of honor and is reliable and organized enough to help plan and execute an excellent baby shower?

2. Choose a Day and Time for the Event

It’s important to discuss a date and time in advance to accommodate everyone special to the guest of honor. Give the guests plenty of notice, so they know not to plan anything else at that time.

3. Put Together a Budget

Party items add up quickly. Put together a budget and track all your purchases to ensure you’re staying on course. You’ll thank yourself after the fact. A baby shower will cost money, but it shouldn’t put your finances under stress. Planning on a budget is very doable.

4. Choose a Venue

It’s essential to choose and book a venue before everything gets booked up. There are so many different options for a baby shower venue based on your budget and your honoree’s style. If you want something extra fancy, a country club or bougie restaurant could be the perfect spot. If you’re on a tight budget and want something more casual, a friend’s home or a park will work wonderfully.

5. Create a Guest List with the Honoree

Finalize that guest list and make sure you do not forget anyone. Run it by the guest of honor. She may decide to add someone or take someone off the list. Give her the final say.

6. Select a Theme

Choosing a theme is oh so fun! Make sure to keep the guest of honor in mind. Here is a list of possible ideas:

  • Gender-themed (pink or blue)
  • Circus
  • Nautical
  • Fall
  • Paris
  • Woodland
  • Vintage
  • Garden/tea party
  • Disney
  • Unicorn
  • Pajama
  • Princess

7. Get Mommy-to-be’s Registry Details

Encourage the guest of honor to complete her registry so you can mention it on the invitation. Having the registry info on the invite will make it easier for friends and family to purchase valuable gifts.

8. Design and Order Invitations and Thank You Cards

Checking this off the list feels good. Now all you have to do is wait for your beautiful invitations to arrive. Supplying thank you cards for the honorary guest is not necessary but very courteous and thoughtful. Plus, you can coordinate them with the invitations. Bonus points!

Six Weeks Prior:

  • Stuff and address invitations
  • Mail out invites
  • Plan the décor and place any online orders you need
  • Decide on the food. Food is essential. Do you want a full meal or just finger food and dessert? Did we mention that dessert is a MUST? Your guest of honor wants dessert; take our word for it.

Four Weeks Prior:

  • Order baby shower desserts
  • Plan baby shower games, including prizes. Games are a tradition for baby showers, so plan some fun ones. The awards don’t have to be extravagant or expensive.
  • Come up with a creative party favor idea and put in any necessary orders.
  • Put a reservation on any rental supplies that you may need.
  • Ask someone to be the designated photographer for the event. It’s not necessary to hire a professional photographer (unless you want to). But, it is beneficial to have a friend be the designated photographer, so you don’t have to worry about it while attending to everything else.

Two Weeks Prior:

  • Check-in with guests who didn’t RSVP
  • Put together any crafts, party favors, or prizes for the baby shower
  • Confirm venue reservation and any party rental reservations
  • Ensure the honoree has a ride to her baby shower

One Week Prior:

  • Shop for food and supplies
  • Ask someone with good penmanship to record the gifts so the guest of honor can use them for thank you notes

Two to Three Days Prior:

  • Shop for any last-minute items
  • Pick up the food, along with serving utensils and other dinnerware
  • Go over all the details and assignments to ensure every detail is taken care of by someone reliable

One Day Prior:

  • Pick up the food (if pre-ordered)
  • Set up and decorate the venue

The Day of:

The day of your event might be a little stressful, but if you followed your schedule, stayed organized, and checked all the boxes, you’ll be able to enjoy the day a lot more. The hours before the event are for any final touches, such as setting out the food and drinks, creating a designated gift table, and setting the tone for the party. Don’t forget to interact, shower the guest of honor with love, and have fun. If you need the expertise of our party planners in DC, Dallas, or Los Angeles, call us today.


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