I’m pretty sure in the midst of planning your baby shower, Bat and Bar Mitzvah, wedding, birthday party or Washington, DC Corporate event, you may have asked…..Do I need an Event Planner or Party Planner? Honestly you may be the type that wants to lead the event planning process. However, even in your best efforts, you may not really be seeing how you maybe sabotaging your event. When you invest in a event planner, there are so many benefits to it.

9 Signs Why You Should Invest in a Event Planner

1. You Have Adulting to Do

You have a demanding full time job, kids, graduate school, and other adult responsibilities that can cause you to forget you’re planning an event.

2. Your Follow Up Game Isn’t The Best

9 Signs You Should Invest in a Event Planner

If you look at your phone and see that you have more than 100 unread emails in your Gmail folder, we are talking about you. In order to plan an event you will have to check your emails, return phone calls and possibly schedule in-person meetings. If you are trying to book vendors and a venue, how quickly you can get back to these business will determine if you can book them before someone else does.

3. You Think Other People Will Help You

Have you ever heard the saying, “You become the people you hang around”? Meaning if you are busy, don’t have time, and already have a long To Do list, more than likely the people around you will too. Additionally your friends mean well, but if something more important comes up, your event gets placed on the back burner.

4. You’ve Booked Your Venue……That’s It

Yes!! You’ve booked your venue which is a big deal and accomplishment. But you now have to fill the venue with people who want to be entertained, fed, and wowed with decor. You have to think of how you will execute all of this while also having a good time at your event. Well unless you plan on missing your child blowing out the candles because you are trying to figure out why the bounce house is flying away.

5. You Hated Doing Math In School

9 Signs You Should Invest in a Event Planner

If this was you, there is no way you are going to enjoy balancing a event budget to ensure you don’t over spend or go into debt. Event budgeting is a big part of any event which includes contract negotiations and making sure event vendors are giving you a fair price. I’m not saying you need to be a Mathematician, I’m just explaining what you have to be ready for.

6. You Believe The Sales Manager or Venue Coordinator is Going To Take Care of Everything

7. You’ve Become Extremely Angry

If you’re the type that is easily angered then trying to do this is not for you. Planning can be stressful and make the nicest of people lean a little towards the dark side. You have to develop a tolerance for this, trust me as a Washington, DC Event Planner I know. If on your event day you are giving an evil eye to the birthday person or retiree because of all the struggles you’ve faced, this event has made you extremely angry.

8. You Failed To Understand What Break Down Is

9 Signs You Should Invest in a Event Planner

Have you ever cooked an amazing dinner where everyone loved every drop, all of your guests leave happy and full, and you look into a kitchen full of dirty dishes? BONUS!!! You have no dish washer. How did that make you feel?

Same thing goes for breaking down your event. No one, even paid Event Planners, wants to do it, but you’re stuck with it. Good luck!

9. You don’t know the difference between ganache and buttercream.

Oh help us. Event Lingo is one of those things you simply don’t have the time to learn. What’s a food and beverage minimum? What’s a corkage fee? When you invest in a event planner, you don’t have to worry about such things.

In Conclusion

You may be the perfect Event Host, but when it comes to event planning, this may not be what you asked for. For those who can plan their own event and have done it before, we applaud you. For those who meet a few of the above points, contact us for help.

We know you have the best intentions in planning your event, but there is nothing more satisfying than being able to enjoy your event and not have to wash those dirty dishes. Invest in a event planner.

Have any more tips you can add to this list? Use the comment section below to leave them.