New Year’s Eve parties are unique for a multitude of reasons. Out with the old, in with the new. A new year means celebrating how far you’ve come in the past year and adding the cherry on top with a fabulous party.

A New Year’s party means looking forward with hope and motivation. It symbolizes closing one door and opening a new one. A New Year’s Party with your family and friends sounds perfect. And you want it to be as fabulous as possible.

Where do you start? Don’t worry; we have some chic party planning tips to steer you in the right direction. Hint: It’s all about the details.

1. Make it Shine

New Year’s parties are traditionally about the sparkle and shine, so don’t be afraid of your event looking like a disco ball exploded there. Think silver disco ball galore, silver trays and plates, confetti, sequins, and everything that shines. Choose primarily silver tones or gold, or have both if you want!

2. Encourage a Glam Dress Code

If you’re going over the top on the décor, why not add a dress code to match? Make the dress code glam, black-tie, or cocktail, and have fun seeing the gorgeous outfits people show up in. You could even take it a step further and have a contest for the most glam outfit. The winner gets a prize. Bonus: you’ll get your sequin fix for the year all in one night.

3. Supply Sparklers for the Countdown

Sparklers can double as décor in a beautiful vase and a fun way to countdown to midnight. When the countdown begins, guests can grab sparklers and light them at midnight to celebrate the new year in style. Take safety precautions, including a glass of water nearby to place the extinguished sparklers in afterward.

4. Set Out Polaroid Cameras

What better way to document the night with a hint of nostalgia than to put Polaroid cameras around your space. Guests can use them at their leisure and then pin their pictures up on a display board. Social media posts are a given, but this brings a unique way to capture special moments from the party.

5. Incorporate Clocks

Want an excellent way to make midnight a glorious moment? Put a clock at each table and set its timer to midnight. This is a great way to ring in the new year and make some noise!

6. Think Outside the Box

Your first instinct for any formal event may be to plan floral centerpieces and candles. Make your New Year’s party feel different than a luxury wedding or bridal shower, and instead, fill glass hurricane vases with silver balls, foil horns, confetti, and tiaras. These will double as decorations and props to celebrate with—win-win!

7. Your Guests are Sweet, so Give Them a Treat

New Year’s Eve is all about glitz, glam, and high energy, so go ahead and make a gorgeous treat bar with at least five candies to get the sugar rush going. Use coupe glasses with their wide bowls and chic, narrow stems to display your sweets. Think gummies, chocolates, and everything in between. Add a tag or sign that says: “This New Year will be sweet; take a treat.”

8. Dress up Your Champagne

You’ve been to many parties serving champagne, but have you ever attended an event where the champagne follows the dress code? Put a sequin bowtie on your champagne bottles to make them festive. Grab some double-sided tape and attach the bow tie, or find some ribbon you love, tie it around the bottle, and keep it in place with double-sided tape. This detail will add glamorous flair to your décor.

9. Make the Ice Cubes Fancy

Ice cubes may seem inconsequential, but go all out, and everyone will be talking. Fancy ice cubes are a simple way to bring your New Year’s party to the next level and show your attentiveness to detail.

For fancy ice cubes that will chill your champagne buckets, freeze sparkles and sequins with pink sanding sugar to make sparkly pink ice cubes. For glammed up, edible ice cubes, you could freeze:

  • Edible wildflowers and herbs
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • Candy

Fancy ice cubes always make an impression. They are relatively simple to make and go a long way to enhance the look of your event.

When it comes to your New Year’s Eve party, the little details can make all the difference in setting the tone, making it fun, and creating the vibe you want for your ultra-memorable party. Don’t skimp on this chance to end the year and welcome the new one with hope, love, open arms and pizazz.

And if you want the party without the hassle, leave it to the experts. Call our award winning party planners in Los Angeles, Dallas or DC and find out how they can make your New Year’s Eve party positively perfect.