You’re looking forward to hosting the corporate event of the year. You have a vision, you have a guest list, and you even have a date. Now, you just have to find the perfect corporate event organizer. Someone reliable. Someone with a wow factor. You’re putting your time, money, and reputation on the line; your event planner must be the best of the best.

The magic starts with an experienced planner but doesn’t stop there. Not all experienced event planners are created equal. Experience is a great place to start when searching for a planner, but there are many more qualities your event planner should possess to deem them worthy of planning your memorable event. Here are seven more characteristics to look for in an event planner.

1. Resourcefulness

Resourcefulness means having access to the best vendors and venues around. Somebody who has developed these connections will automatically give you a leg up by virtue of the top tier services they can bring to your event.

A resourceful event planner can also think creatively on their feet, using all options at hand (including the ones that most people in the room never considered). Resourcefulness is handy when a decoration gets damaged, and your planner has already devised a plan to solve the issue before you’ve even blinked. It’s convenient when a crisis arises, and your planner thinks so quickly on their toes that nobody at the event even knows about the situation.

2. Ability to Work Well Under Pressure

Planning a corporate event means facing down high-pressure situations, including the pressure to perform and impress attendees. Do you freeze under pressure? Well, no problem. If you have a stellar event planner, they’ll take the burden and act quickly under pressure. After all, an experienced planner has been working under pressure for years and thrives in chaos.

3. Flexibility

In the event planning industry, flexibility is a must. Sometimes, things get messed up, and a good planner will embrace unexpected changes and roll with them without skipping a beat.

Whether the original venue you wanted got booked up or the AV system you wanted turned out to be over budget, flexibility on your planner’s part will help keep you flexible, calm, and open-minded. There’s always another way; a good planner will find the other ways when the original doesn’t work out.

4. Excellent Communication Skills

You and your corporate event planner will be sending a lot of information back and forth as you work toward the corporate conference of the season. The last thing you want is to wait days to get responses from your planner. Ask prospective planners how they would like you to contact them and how long it typically takes them to respond.

When your planner does respond, you want them to be clear and congenial in their messaging. Do they talk in circles or get right to the point? Are they rude and hot-tempered when they’re under pressure? Or polite in every situation?

5. Killer Organizational Skills

Organizational skills lie at the foundation of successful event planning. A proficient event planner is naturally organized and has mastered the art of time management. Event planners must juggle multiple tasks with ease. From budgeting and marketing to event execution and post-event feedback, the whole thing will implode without organization.

6. Next-level Creativity

When you’re looking through a planner’s portfolio and continually say, “Wow, I’ve never seen that at an event before,” that is a good sign. You want your planner to think outside the box, always trying to top their last event and make each one beautifully unique. Anyone can follow the latest trends. The best planners start the trends.

Event planning is an art, so select the right artist. Every artist has a different style, taste, and design preference. Looking through their work is a great way to determine whether their style matches yours.

7. A Passion for the Details

A good event planner might look at the whole picture, but a phenomenal planner pays attention to every detail and makes an event come alive. From table settings and aroma to event security arrangements, an event organizer needs to have every detail on their radar.

8. A Commitment to Immersive Experiences

We’ve all endured one too many PowerPoint presentations. Unforgettable events include immersive experiences that engage your audience. They could involve all of the senses with cool lighting and music. They could harness technology to draw people in. How about using curved LED screens? Or 360 degrees of projection surfaces? Or an interactive app that gets people communicating before, during, and after the conference?

Talk to prospective corporate event planners about how they will make your event so much more than just a two-dimensional experience.

9. A Focus on Your Company

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter events. Your event should be all about your organization’s brand, values, personality, and mission. The best business event planners are event storytellers. They weave your story into every detail so that attendees walk away feeling connected to your organization.

Your reputation in the corporate world is everything to you, and that’s why you want to hire the best of the best in the events industry. Your planning team can make or break your overall event experience. We know you’re looking for something beyond mediocre. Our wands are ready if you’re looking for magical event management services in Dallas, DC, or Los Angeles.