There are so many things that go into planning a corporate or social event. With all the moving parts, it’s easy to forget to outline what event photos you need. Your photos are what you will remember and how you can remind your guests of the great time they had at your event.

The problem comes with getting great photos. Hiring the wrong photographer can quickly lead to an event people wont remember unless they took photos on their phones. We want to avoid the disappointment and rather you hire the right photographer.

7 Tips For Amazing DC Corporate Event Photos

Understand Your Vision and Need for Photos

Tips For Amazing DC Corporate Event Photos Photo: Manuel Nageli

Take a concert as an example. If you are seeking to have a sold out audience each time you produce a concert, one way to do that is to show how popular the concert is. Hire a Photographer with a style you like and who may best represent your event.

Photographers all have their own style. Some shoot better in natural light. Others prefer a darker style while others are best at portraits. Understand what you need and select your Photographer based on that.


Meet With A Photographer In Person Before Hiring

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You want to establish a personal connection with your Photographer just like you would with your Corporate Event Planner. Based on their personality you can tell what they will capture at your event. Does your Photographer like to mix and mingle with the crowd and capture great candid images? Is she or he more reserved and only able to take select shots?

This also gives you a chance to explain your event goal and how you want to use the images following the event. When you can explain this to your Photographer they can ensure you get the quality photos you need.


Plan A Walk Through Before Your event

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A walk through is extremely important. It allows you, your Venue Coordinator, and Photographer to outline what will happen the day of your event. Your Photographer may have never been to the venue you are hosting your event at. They will need to know what type of lighting equipment to bring and what are the best positions for them to capture what you want. You don’t want your Photographer trying to figure out key action items the day of your event. Being prepared takes proper planning to get great images.


Let Your Photographer Know What Images You Want Ahead of Time

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For your corporate event photos, this is probably one of the most missed opportunities when it comes to events. All the madness is going on to make sure your event starts on time. Your catering crew is quickly setting up the bars and tables. Your welcome staff is getting check in lists ready. Your photographer knows what to do when guests arrives. But has anyone thought of taking images of the venue, the decor, and even sponsors before the event?

This is a key requirement to get images that are less crowded by guests during an event. You want to give your Photographer at least an hour before you event starts, time to capture your event. If your sponsors have a booth, that should be shot. Do you have a huge overhead installation? Shoot that too. Anything that is not typical, you need to let your Photographer know.


Establish A Timeline

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The last thing you want your Photographer doing is taking a break during a really important time. But how would they know if you never told them what was taking place? Work with your Photographer on your timeline so they know when things are going to happen and when they could take a break to freshen up, eat, or have something to drink. Yes your vendors need breaks.


Trust Your Photographer

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One reason why it’s so important to meet with your Photographer before you hire him/her is to build trust. You nor your Photographer needs to be stressed out the day of your event. You cannot second-guess everything that your Photographer does. They are not new to taking photos and have years of experience which is why you hired the professional.

Listen to their sound advice. Take their direction when organizing group photos. Trust me they are going to make you and your event look great.


Don’t Forget your Videographer

While photos are amazing, I can’t get enough of videos. Social media loves them too and is more of a reason why your audience may prefer a video over a photo. Yes this is an additional cost, but if you have a great Event Planner, ask them about ways to cut cost in other areas so that you can have a event video.


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