Among the many celebrations of life and love, few hold as much significance as weddings. Fusing two hearts, two souls, into one harmonious union requires a special celebration that reflects the uniqueness and depth of love between a couple. Enter luxury bohemian weddings — the perfect blend of undone, free-spirited charm and romance. A luxury bohemian wedding is ideal for those who want to mix the natural beauty of bohemian style with the glam and elegance of a luxury wedding.

If you’re a boho babe or a boho bruh, then chances are, you want to be true to yourself and reflect your style at your wedding. As luxury wedding planners, we know the importance of creating an atmosphere that reflects each couple’s personality, taste, and relationship. Here are seven tips for creating a dreamy bohemian wedding.

1. Set a Clear Vision

Bohemian weddings usually offer a laidback and welcoming atmosphere. They can be casual and unpretentious. The first step is to set a clear vision for you, your partner, and your wedding event planner. Which bohemian elements do you love? What do you envision as the perfect venue for your bohemian wedding? Which decorations will you incorporate to bring your theme to life?

Candles and plants are often a great way to add cozy and romantic boho vibes, and your choice of music will significantly affect the mood. How many guests do you want? Set your expectations and communicate them to everyone involved in the wedding planning process.

2. Add a Symbolic Element to Your Ceremony

If you have spiritual or symbolic rituals that are important to you, you might incorporate them into your wedding ceremony to make it extra special. You could also add a traditional bohemian wedding ritual such as hand tying, sand blending, ring warming, a crystal ceremony, etc. You could even create your own ritual. Most importantly, create a special ceremony that will stay true to your uniqueness as a couple.

3. Choose the Perfect Attire

Complete your perfect bohemian atmosphere with the perfect bohemian dress or outfit. Choose attire that reflects your personality and makes you feel comfortable, beautiful, and like a bohemian bombshell.

Consider the season of your wedding when choosing fabrics. If you’re having a summer wedding, lighter fabrics like organza or chiffon will be airy for a hotter day, while velvet and satin are heavier fabrics for colder winter weddings.

For brides: Bohemian dresses have free-flowing designs, relaxed fits, and intricate details like lace or embroidery. They can be simple, casual, or luxurious based on the fabrics and details. Luxury bohemian gowns use high-end fabrics and often have intricate hand-sewn beadwork and couture-level accessories.

For Grooms: Bohemian grooms step outside the traditional black and white tux and opt for linen suits or tailored attire with exquisite bohemian or vintage embellishments. The main goal is to simultaneously look effortlessly chic, comfortable, and luxurious.

4. Incorporate Natural Elements

Bohemian weddings usually incorporate beautiful earthy elements like wood, flowers, and plants. Wooden tables are a perfect way to add a touch of earthy elegance, and wildflower arrangements with greenery are the ideal centerpieces to tie the look together. You could add these elements to your wedding attire: a beautiful floral crown, wildflower bouquet, or boutonniere.

5. Go for a Non-Traditional Venue

Bohemian weddings are usually a more relaxed and natural take on luxury. You’ll rarely see a bohemian wedding ceremony inside a Catholic church. Most bohemian weddings occur in a more non-traditional setting, such as a beach, garden, park, or barn. These settings offer a beautiful backdrop for boho-inspired wedding photos.

6. Choose a Boho-Beautiful Color Palette

Your color palette will set the foundation for your boho wedding theme. A boho wedding usually has neutral and earthy tones such as tans, browns, creams, and greens. Sometimes, they also have pops of deeper hues, such as navy or burgundy. Choosing these colors helps to create an inviting, warm, and natural atmosphere.

7. Create Your Boho Vibes with the Perfect Lighting

Lighting is often an overlooked element at weddings, yet it can make all the difference in setting your desired ambiance. We recommend soft, warm lighting such as vintage lanterns, string lights, or candles for indoor boho weddings. This creates an intimate and cozy atmosphere.

For outdoor boho weddings, you can use the natural lighting in your favor by having your wedding during the golden hour.

Bohemian-themed luxury weddings are in high demand and can be a gorgeous way to combine romance, coziness, and nature. If you love a free-spirited aesthetic that mixes artistic and cultural elements into an eclectic style, a boho-themed wedding might be right up your alley. Whether you want a small bohemian wedding or a large one, it can still be luxurious without compromising the authentic bohemian elements.

One word of caution: don’t let the effortless look fool you. These weddings take a lot of behind-the-scenes effort and attention to detail. If a bohemian wedding is what you’ve always wanted, Andrew Roby Events’ luxury wedding teams in Los Angeles, Dallas, and DC can attend to all the details and make all your bohemian wedding dreams come true.