Let’s be honest, surfing the internet for what to expect from professional wedding photography can bring up a lot of so-called advice. Some of you wish you never took that advice because it turned out to be horrible. I want to dispel some myths about engagement and wedding photography.

Certainly for couples recently engaged and are looking for wedding tips and tricks, the internet is bountiful in “advice”. If this is your first time getting married you really want to understand how much time and money is required of you. Most importantly what to expect from your wedding professionals.

Psst….Check out the bonus questions you should be asking Photographers at the end of this post.

Of all the things you can research, wedding photography should be one of the categories that you pay very close attention to. Why? Because after the wedding is over you are left with 2 things. Memories and photos.

Hiring the right Engagement Photographer and a Wedding Photographer, can be daunting. One wedding blog says do this while the other says the complete opposite. Frustration sets in and you pray that you’ve hired the right person to capture your wedding photography.

Thankfully you won’t have to click your ruby slippers or ask a favor from your fairy god mother, because Fort Worth, TX Wedding Photographer Teshorn Jackson of Teshorn Jackson Photography is breaking a few myths regarding engagement and wedding photography and what is really needed on your wedding day.

7 Myths About an Engagement Session And Wedding Photography

#1 Your engagement session has to be high fashion and editorial

 Teshorn-Jackson-Photography-engagement-and-wedding-photography-andrew-roby-events Teshorn Jackson Photography

Teshorn: Your session should be uniquely YOU! Too many times couples are influenced by outside forces to create a session that’s uniquely someone else. Make your engagement session about you.

#2 Beautiful engagement photos will equate to beautiful wedding day photos

 Teshorn-Jackson-Photography-engagement-and-wedding-photography-andrew-roby-events Teshorn Jackson Photography

Teshorn: On an engagement session a photographer can make mistakes and get it right. On wedding day there aren’t too many chances to miss a moment that’s happening in real time. Telling impactful stories aren’t always pretty in terms of scenery and perfect lighting that’s often seen on an engagement session.

#3 Your photographer can and will duplicate images found on Pinterest

Teshorn: Depending on the level of experience this can go both ways. A highly skilled photographer will prefer you trust his or her vision. After all you hired them for a reason. If you wanted what you saw on Pinterest you would have hired that photographer.

#4 It’s always best to find one who offers both photo and video

Teshorn: Sure they may be some cost and time savings but sometimes you’ll lose quality and experience if that’s important to you. It’s rare to find someone who can do both exceptionally well. Jack of all trades; master of none isn’t just an over used phrase.

#5 Your photographer will send you images from your session as soon as you get home if you ask

 Teshorn-Jackson-Photography-engagement-and-wedding-photography-andrew-roby-events Teshorn Jackson Photography

Teshorn: Read your contract. If paperwork says, 6-8 weeks, don’t harass your photographer because you’re anxious. Be patient. If they are a day late then you can inquire.

#6 You have to give them a wedding day shot list

 Teshorn-Jackson-Photography-andrew-roby-events Teshorn Jackson Photography

Teshorn: Imagine a photographer working and checking off a list of must have shots instead of staying in the moment. It’s not a good thing. If you hire a wedding photographer it’s assumed you’ve seen their full wedding day gallery. I’ve found having a shot list tends to be copies from someone else’s wedding and doesn’t always apply to your day.

A bride gave me a must have shot list that had photo of groom putting on a bowtie. The issue is that the groom didn’t wear any tie on wedding day.

#7 You don’t need multiple photographers on wedding day.

 Teshorn-Jackson-Photography-andrew-roby-events Teshorn Jackson Photography

Teshorn: A photographer isn’t omnipresent they can’t be at two places at the same time while bride and groom are getting dressed. Having a second photographer always help as you can get a different perspective as it relates to your images.


Top questions couples should be asking their photographer but aren’t asking?

1 – Have you photographed a low lit ceremony and reception?

2 – Have you shot a real wedding on your own as the lead photographer?

3 – Is the second shooter a professional or are they really there for moral support or building their portfolio?

4 – My wedding dress has a million details. Will my images be overexposed so much that I can’t see them?

5- Are you more of a portrait photographer or a photojournalist (Photographer who tells a story through images)?

In conclusion, these are really valuable things to consider when hiring not only a photographer, but any event or wedding vendor. You have to ensure the vendor can meet your needs logistically. Consider their years of expertise as a guide to making a decision. Contact us for more help.

Are there other myths out there that you heard and know to be completely false? Comment below and let us know about them.