As the holiday party season quickly approaches, the ability to personalize your event is imperative. Last year the Society for Human Resource Management’s annual survey predicted that almost 2/3 of companies would host a holiday party. Mix that in with your friends and family hosting their own party and that gives you at least 3 parties to attend and compete with.For corporations the likelihood that employees will attend their holiday party is low especially if it’s mandatory fun. So what can you do to host a really kick-ass holiday party? Well we’ve already told you about picking the perfect holiday party theme that will resonate with your guests. Now it’s time to personalize your theme that will cause your attendees to come back for more.

Here are 5 ways to personalize your holiday party:


We all know that the bar is the center of attention for many partygoers. It’s like your kitchen at home, the location where everyone congregates to catch up or to gossip. The bar is one of the most important aspects of your event. Because the bar holds so much value, I recommend enhancing it with custom napkins and cocktail drink stirrers. It’s simple, but will certainly be a much needed conversation piece.

 Drunk In Love Drink Stir Drunk In Love Drink Stir Kiss Napkins Kiss Napkins


Google has about 6,710,000 search results for holiday desserts. From diabetic-friendly desert options to vegan that should tell you just how important these delicious treats are to us. With that said, enhancing and providing a personalized desert station is key. Custom cake and cupcake toppers would easily bring about some holiday cheer especially at a company party. I also love having guests create their own desserts or crushing chocolate to relieve some built up stress.

 Fancy Cake topper Fancy Cake topper


What would draw more attention from you? A- You having to serve yourself at a Halloween party. B – Having someone dressed up in a crazy costume to serve you. I’d go with B no matter how scared I’d be. Presentation is truly important and sets the tone for many events. From invitations to how things are displayed and served to the overall look and feel of your event needs to be considered.


Collateral material is forever important to companies looking to expand their reach. This summer I went to a few events in Barcelona and the one thing that I notice was the way companies showcased their logos and names. You don’t have to even have your logo on items for your guests to remember it was your event. The subtle marketing practices are really great. Those that venture into other territories are even better like this one with Oreo.



I believe the best impression is the first AND last impression. You can offer a great first impression. However, if your party sucks or you don’t remind your guests how awesome you are as they leave, then you’ve missed your chance to bring them back next year. Outside of having a good time, party gifts are the only thing your guests will leave with. Consider a personalize gifts to remind them of how much fun they had.

 Custom INOVA Healthcare gift set created by Marigold & Grey Custom INOVA Healthcare gift set created by Marigold & Grey

For more ways on how to personalize your holiday event, contact us to schedule a consultation.