Honestly speaking we all know that for the most part brides enjoy an engagement shoot far more than grooms do.

Unless your fiancé is stylish and enjoys being on the best dressed lists in his city, engagement shoots and even weddings can be scary. But first you have to get past the fact that your fiancé may not really want to be in another photo session. As much as he loves you, thus you being engaged, he rather just put on something he’d wear to church and snap a few images.

Do these questions sound familiar when bringing up your engagement shoot?

1 – Is there really a need for an engagement shoot anyways?

2 – Don’t people already know we’re engaged thanks to the Facebook Live video and all the images you posted on Instagram?

3 – Shouldn’t we save money for the wedding by not buying clothes just for this or hiring a Photographer?

4 – I have nothing to wear and I’m not a model, so what’s the point?

Oh the list can go on and we will save the benefits for why an engagement shoot is a great idea later in the blog post. For those who are on board, after complaining, here are 5 ways to have your fiancé want to help plan your engagement photo session.

5 Ways Guys Can Enjoy An Engagement Shoot

#1 They can represent their fraternity

5 Ways Guys Can Enjoy A DC Engagement Shoot Dotun Ayodeji Photography
5 Ways Guys Can Enjoy A DC Engagement Shoot Dotun Ayodeji Photography ,

Did you know there are at least 6,186 fraternity chapters on roughly 800 college campuses? That means there are more than 4.2 million alumni in the world. Men have developed a tremendously strong  bond to their frat brothers and being able to showcase their fraternity during their engagement shoot is a easy sell.

Casual engagement shoots like the one above shot by Dotun Ayodeji Photography, shows one of may ways you can display your fraternity. Other options are designing a dinner table with your fraternity colors and letters. Another option is using props such as fraternity umbrellas to further tie in the theme.

#2 Incorporate His Favorite Activity

5 Ways Guys Can Enjoy A DC Engagement Shoot Brian Elledge of Divine Light Photography

Maybe your fiancé loves to go boating or horseback riding, maybe even boxing. I’m sure you can think of a slew of activities your fiancé loves doing that you can turn into a pre-wedding photography session.

Remember engagement sessions with an engagement photographer allows your personality to shine through. It also:

  1. Allows you to get comfortable with your professional wedding photographer

  2. Showcase a side of you that your family and friends have yet to see

  3. For many couples, this is the first time they have professional photos with their fiancé

  4. Comes in handy for images on your wedding website and wedding registry

#3 Have a little competition by using his favorite Sports Team

5 Ways Guys Can Enjoy A DC Engagement Shoot Engagement Shoot – Sokolov Photography

If you even dared to watch last Sunday’s Super Bowl LII game, you know that sports even for women is a huge deal. Roughly 103.4 million viewers watched the Super Bowl game on NBC.

But it’s not just football. Hockey, basketball, soccer, rugby, and many more sports industries are a great theme to use. Why? Because many of these games come with a prop and makes it easy for you to dress and look the part.

#4 Formal Photos Allows A Man To Showcase His Swag

5 Ways Guys Can Enjoy A DC Engagement Shoot Destination Wedding Photographer – Frank Farrugia Same Love Photography

In the many years I’ve been in the fashion industry and planning weddings, I have yet to meet a groom that once he puts on a suit or tuxedo doesn’t have a boost in confidence. You simply can’t prove otherwise to me.

Yes a formal photo session with top wedding photographers in Washington, DC or any city will truly elevate your fiancé to want to be involved in planning the session. We all love to see men looking their best and standing beside their fiancé. This showcase in love between the two must and should be captured.

Additionally a good photographer will know the perfect engagement photo locations in Washington, DC to ensure you both shine.

#5 Shoot in One of His Favorite Places

5 Ways Guys Can Enjoy A DC Engagement Shoot Trene Forbes Photography

You’d be surprised at what your city has to offer for your shoot. You may have tons of eye catching locations to make use of. Baltimore Wedding Photographer Trene Forbes Photography shot this image in Washington, DC at the National Gallery of Art’s East Building.

Murals and various forms of wall art and statues also serve as amazing backgrounds for you to use. Not all pre wedding photography has to be expensive or require a lot of logistics. In fact, we encourage couples to:

  1. Find the perfect backdrop in your city and capture your love

  2. Consider your favorite coffee shop or restaurant roof top

  3. Consider places like a carnival or crazy enough concert

  4. Don’t be afraid to travel around the world for your shoot

Honestly the sky is your limit when it comes to locations you can choose. The more familiar you are with the location the more comfortable you’ll be taking photos there.

In Conclusion

We do hope these 5 reasons will put a smile on your fiancé’s face the next time you bring up your Engagement Shoot ideas, poses, and style.

The best advice that we can offer you is to remember it’s about you both. Your fiancé will feel more inclined to help decide what to do when you honestly seek his input. Have a tip you want to add? Leave it in the comment section below.