Although we’ve been in the luxury wedding planning industry for nearly a decade and pride ourselves on taking control of every detail, there is one thing we can’t control: weather.

Did you know that having a little rain on your wedding day is good luck? It signifies a long-lasting and bountiful marriage. However, it’s understandably the enemy of the outdoor wedding. You put so much time, money, and effort into planning your big day, grooming your hair, getting your makeup done, and tailoring your wedding attire.

Rain on your wedding day may seem like a nightmare, but with the proper preparation, it can be a magically unique experience that you and your guests will remember forever. Here’s a guide on what to do if Mother Nature graces your wedding with rain.

1. Create a Backup Plan

Even if you selected a summer wedding date specifically to avoid rain, it’s still wise to have a well-thought-out rainy-day plan in place just in case. For instance, if your wedding is outdoors, ensure an indoor venue or large tents are available. Then, discuss the logistics of your backup plan with vendors in advance so everyone is on the same page if the weather surprises you.

If the forecast shows a chance of rain, consider altering your attire a bit. Pin dresses up so they don’t drag in the mud. Consider footwear that will keep the moisture out and won’t sink into soggy ground. (Ladies, avoid stilettos that will push deep into the mud.) Accessories such as umbrellas, rain boots, and water-proof shawls can protect you from the rain and add a chic charm to your wedding ensemble.

2. Have Umbrellas on Standby for Guests

Make sure to take proper steps to keep your guests and yourself dry and comfortable. Consider having a basket of umbrellas at the entrance for your guests’ convenience and offer blankets or towels to wipe off moisture. Even though you tried everything in your power to avoid rain, thoughtful gestures will show your guests that you’re making the best of the situation and prioritizing their comfort. These changes will suddenly feel less frightening and more intentional with a plan in place.

You can even get creative with the umbrellas. Order some custom white or vintage umbrellas to match the occasion.

3. Embrace It

While rain is the last thing you want on your wedding day, rainy weddings often lead to the most candid photos and romantic moments full of genuine emotions. Shared laughter under umbrellas. Snuggly hugs under shelter. Stolen kisses in the rain. These unplanned moments often become the best snapshots of the day. Be sure your photographer isn’t afraid to get wet and go above and beyond to capture those artistic shots.

For this reason, hiring a stellar photographer who works with every kind of lighting and weather is of the utmost importance. Rain can create gorgeous reflections and dramatic lighting, setting the stage for flawless photos. Talk to your photographer beforehand about how you’d like to handle rain creatively. If taking pictures in muddy and moist conditions post-rain bums you out, you’ll be glad to learn that most professional photographers consider post-rain the best time to capture gorgeous shots outdoors. The grass looks more vividly green. Flowers are full and hydrated. Surfaces become mirrors to reflect light.

Rain can also create a more intimate and cozy atmosphere at your wedding. It can bring people together, making your celebration feel intimate and unique. Lean into the opportunity to connect with your loved ones on a deeper level and enjoy the atmosphere.

4. Be Positive

Your wedding day is already a high-pressure, stress-inducing occasion. Rain can be the last straw. The thing that puts you over the edge. However, remember that this day only comes once, and you only have one opportunity to enjoy it. Staying positive will set the tone for you, your partner, and your guests at your event. Remind yourself and your partner that rain is good luck. Try to set all your expectations aside and remember that the purpose of your wedding is to celebrate your love and unity and begin a beautiful new chapter, regardless of the weather.

Instead of concentrating on all the things the rain is ruining, try to put your thinking cap on and come up with ways to take advantage of the rain.

5. Be Flexible

Tell yourself that you can’t control the weather, so you will roll with any rain that comes your way. Accept that rain or wind might be possible on your big day, and that is OK. Being flexible and laid back will be much more freeing than trying to wish the weather away. Whether you delay the start time of your wedding, opt for your indoor backup plan, or decide to get soaked and have fun with it, flexibility is the key ingredient to a joyful rainy-day wedding. If your energy and attitude are flexible, your guests will follow suit.

Although few couples wish for rain on their wedding day, the presence of it often creates a magically romantic masterpiece that tells a story of abandon and joy. If you work with your wedding event planner to devise a rainy-day wedding plan, you can take advantage of the rain, score some breathtaking wedding photos, and have a unique memory to tell for generations. Remember that you can clean clothing, fix hair, and touch up makeup. So, once you’ve done your part and prepared for rainy weather, don’t let the pressure of looking perfect keep you from dancing in the rain on your wedding day!