Spring isn’t really my favorite season of the year so I’m just going to jump right to summer. I hope you don’t mind.Just think about all the excitement that goes on during the summer. It all kicks off with Memorial Day, then July 4th, Spring Breaks, Labor Day, and just about every Friday during the summer. There are so many opportunities for you to have fun, but have you ever considered what type of birthday party to plan?

Hosting a unique birthday party isn’t such a bad idea nor is it as challenging as you might think. Our best advice is to create the theme around activities you really enjoy. That seems to drive you to want to make more of an effort and not pawn this idea off.

Here are some easy birthday themes to consider for this summer.

1 – Summer Pool Parties

 Water Slide

Water Slide

If you love the pool like we do this is a no brainier. Don’t settle for just inviting your friends over to the pool and you all having drinks and swimming. NO!!! Order a Slip N’ Slide, water guns, and anything else to bring out the inner child. With the right planning you can easily turn a pool party into a luau and hire a fire breather to entertain as the sun sets.

2 – Roller Skating



I’m a big fan of the movie Roll Bounce so don’t judge me. But if you’ve never hosted a roller skating party then I highly recommend you take a few friends with you to test this concept out. I promise you, you will have the best time of your life.

3 – Plan A Trip

You may not get a lot of your friends to join you, but you most certainly will get your besties to join. A trip to Vegas or renting a house for the weekend are both great options. Renting a home is actually cheaper than you think and offers more of an intimate opportunity for creating and sharing memories.

4 – Create a city-wide scavenger hunt

This may require some homework on your end, but you can start by watching an episode or two of The Amazing Race. Make this as interactive as you possibly can. Look through your city for places that compliments your hunt. Example: The Spy Museum already has its version of a hunt so why not send everyone through that as one of the challenges?

5 – Themed Dinner Party

 Ice tea

Ice tea

If you want to go with traditional plans and opt for a dinner, then consider something themed. A Great Gatsby or Mad Hatter theme party will go over just fine.

Maybe you’re just not up for planning anything and would rather participate. That’s fine. If so, just click here?