As Washington, DC Event Planners we love themed events so throwing a St. Patrick’s Day party is right up our alley. However, when planning your St. Patrick’s Day party you don’t want it to look like everyone else right? Of course not.

Here are some fun ways to make create a posh St. Patrick’s Day party.

St. Patrick’s Day Party Furniture

We love using shades of green and are in love with the furniture options from AFR Furniture. We previously created an anniversary party for Chakaboom Fitness that incorporated green sofas. It’s the perfect tie in due to green being associated with this holiday.

furniture-st-patricks-day-party-andrew-roby-events Chakaboom Fitness Decor – Andrew Roby Events
 AFR-Furniture-st-patricks-day-party-andrew-roby-events AFR Furniture Display

Flower Arrangements

Table decor is a easy way to make your St. Patrick’s Day party posh. You don’t have to go over-the-top in your arrangements either. Subtle flower options will do the trick and won’t cost you a lot out of your budget. We created this table that has subtle greenery that still gives you the perfect effect.

green-dinner-table-st-patricks-day-party-andrew-roby-events Greenery Table – Andrew Roby Events

Statement Decor

There are times where you simply have to have a few items that gives you a great statement. It can be as simple as monogrammed napkins or as cool as these faux hedges by Taylor Creative Inc. If I had to decide what to provide at your event, it would be determining what your statement piece would be. You want your statement decor to cause people to talk and get into a mood that excites them. Remember it doesn’t have to be over-the-top or highly expensive to create/rent.


Tyler Creative Inc

Turn Your Food Green

It’s St. Patrick’s Day so we are expecting to see something green with food and beverage. Maybe you decided to have a green craft beer or maybe a green cake like this one from Blue Lace Cakes. I like this one because it’s the perfect way to let your friends know about the DC Cherry Blossom party you are about to host.

 Blue-Lace-Cakes-andrew-roby-events Blue Lace Cakes

What are some creative ways to help others have a posh St. Patrick’s Day party? Leave your comments below.