I’m excited about this year’s Halloween season because it falls on a Thursday. We all know that the weekend officially gets started on Thursday and not Friday, especially if you have Friday off.

With Halloween comes parties and this year you can party from Thursday to Sunday. Are you thinking about hosting your own party? Before you do, I want to share some tips to avoid your Halloween party from being a total nightmare.

Halloween Party Tips To Follow

Party Tip #1: Ask for RSVPs

This is a type of event that only happens once a year. That means dozens of your friends will be competing with each other to have guests at their party. Could you imagine sending out a mass invite and expecting all of your friends to show up and only a handful arrive?

You went all out and purchased tons of food and drinks all for nothing.

By asking guests to RSVP, you ensure you have an idea of how many people to prepare for. Sure, some wont arrive, but at least you have a good idea.

Party Tip #2: Set Clear Expectations

Halloween parties should have a set of rules just to make sure things run smoothly. It’s Halloween so of course you want to see people in costumes. Don’t get upset if you don’t make this clear and guests arrive without a Halloween costume.

If your party has a particular theme, guests should know that. This way they can plan their costume according to your theme.

Are you offering food or should they eat before they arrive? Note: All parties should have some sort of food and not just sweets. If you are providing alcohol, you should definitely have food present. Candy and desserts are great, but they are not substitutes for food.

Party Tip #3: Have Enough Food and Beverages

Halloween Party Nightmares To Avoid

Running out of food and drinks is like having the power go out at your biggest party because you didn’t pay your electric bill. Use your RSVPs to gauge how many people will come. I always like to have at least 10% more food just in case guests bring someone or someone is really hungry. Even if you have extra food, you can always ask guests to take some home or have some to eat over the week.

Consider having different levels of food. Cheese and fruit trays go a long way. Desserts are a must, but don’t forget my note above. Select more filling foods like:

  1. Bread
  2. Nuts
  3. Anything with Potatoes
  4. Lean meat and fish
  5. Cheesecake

Party Tip #4: Give Advance Notice to Neighbors

Not everyone celebrates Halloween. They also don’t celebrate loud noise during quiet hours. If you have a HOA or live in an apartment, warn your neighbors about your party. Your party will last for just a night, but your neighbors will remain for years to come.

One way to notify those closes to you, is by either inviting them to attend, or giving them a small gift of understanding. Just shows how considerate you can be.

The last thing you want is to have your party shut down by the cops because a neighbor called about loud noise.

Need more help planning your Halloween party? Leave a comment and we will answer your question.