Can you believe that Thanksgiving is a mere weeks away? It’s 17 days to be exact. For those of you who don’t plan on going back home or don’t have family nearby, this is for you. Let’s talk about the perfect Friendsgiving.

Just because you have decided to stay home doesn’t mean you need to be alone or without plans on Thanksgiving. The perfect Friendsgiving is the ultimate event option. You want to know something else? More than likely, you have several friends who are currently contemplating what they want to do. You probably have even more who are just going to see their family for a short amount of time and will be looking for other things to do.

If you have decided to host Friendsgiving this year, here are some quick and easy things to consider before you send out the group text inviting everyone over.

3 Tips For The Perfect Friendsgiving

Perfect-Friendsgiving-Andrew-Roby-Events Thanksgiving Dinner – Andrew Roby Events

Keep Things Simple

I know coming from an Event Planner you might be asking if simple is in our vocabulary when it comes to events. Not normally, but for this we plan to use it often. The whole reason for Thanksgiving is to spend time with friends and family being thankful for what you all have accomplish. Don’t stress over pulling all the stop for a nice spread. If you can, then do it.

Friendsgiving is all about having fun and not feeling as if you need to have a 5 course meal with butler passed trays of food. Ask you friends to contribute to the festivities. If some know how to cook, see what dish they really make well. If others are good at making cocktails, ask them to bring a few cocktail items. Need help setting up, ask.

Friendsgiving is all about you collectively coming together to make Thanksgivng happen. Don’t do it alone.



Now this is a word I know all too well. But keeping what I just said in mind, don’t feel the need to deck the halls just yet. For your dinner party, focus on the decor items that make the most sense. Some people put up Christmas trees, while others decorate their home in fall colors. Think of things like mini pumpkins, squash, scented candles, and anything that reminds you of fall.

Get a few inexpensive props. A good photo booth goes a long way and are easy to make for an occasion such as this. A quick Google or Amazon search comes up with dozens of inexpensive prop options.


Perfect-Friendsgiving-Andrew-Roby-Events Seating – Andrew Roby Events

One quick way to ruin your Thanksgiving dinner is by not having enough seating for your guests. This is a dinner table experience so please do not rely on your sofa. If you have a small dinner table, stores like Target have plenty of folding 8ft tables.

If you have friends that don’t know someone else, take it upon yourself as the host to sit them next to someone they don’t know. This helps solidify your dinner theme.

In Conclusion

The biggest thing you can do for your dinner party is to ask for HELP. Don’t be afraid to ask people to help you pull this together. It makes things more exciting and less of a headache for you. Happy Friendsgiving!!!