A bachelorette party is probably the second big moment of your wedding journey. Following getting engaged, brides want to celebrate this moment with their besties. That manes planning a one crazy night on the town or in. Whatever allows you to enjoy your bridal party.

Planning your bachelorette party can be just as exciting as planning your wedding. This however, is on a much smaller scale and more intimate. It can be as simple or over-the-top as you would like it to be. The goal is to allow your bridal party to come up with all the details and celebrate your upcoming wedding.

Bachelorette parties are also important because it allows you to celebrate your bridal party. These are the people in your life that will help you plan your wedding and make sure that everything goes to plan.

If you ever wanted a way to tell your bridal party thanks for being your bridesmaids, a bachelorette party is ideal. But we don’t want you to host just any ole type of party. We want you to dress to the nines and have a sophisticated dinner party that would make all other brides jealous they didn’t do the same.

Another benefit to planning your party is to see what your wedding could look like months before it gets here. Meaning if you have already hired a Wedding Planner, you could ask them to give a teaser to what your wedding may look like. Or show you what their capabilities are in designing a space. Your bachelorette party doesn’t have a big guest count like your wedding will, so decorating and pulling things together is relatively easy.

Bachelorette Party Tips

1 – Locate a restaurant or hotel that you have really wanted to eat at to see if they can accommodate your party.

2 – Let your bridal party know all the details and be sure to tell them to dress according to your party style or bachelorette party theme.

3 – Create a few games ideas for entertainment. I’m always about engagement.

4 – Use your party to make announcements regarding what you are looking for from your bridal party. Things like deadlines, hair and makeup, and responsibilities are good topics to bring up.

5 – Don’t plan your own party. You’re the bride. It’s important to remember that you are the guest of honor and that your bridesmaids should take over or you hire a planner.

6 – Don’t feel as if you need to have a full list of activities to have a great time. A dinner party really can spark amazing memories simply by catching up with the girls.

7 – Don’t overlook costs. It’s a party, not a wedding, so you want to spend the big bucks on your wedding. Normally the bride does not pay for this party so if you do contribute, don’t overspend.

In Conclusion,

A bachelorette party is not about trying to have an event that is in competition to your actually wedding day. It’s about celebrating your engagement with close friends and family. Looking for someone to decorate or plan your Bachelorette Party? Let’s jump on a call so we can talk about your needs. Click here.

Check out how we created the DC Bachelorette party at DC Venue Dupont Circle Hotel belowwith our wonderful vendors via Munaluchi Bride.