Thanksgiving is an incredible opportunity to meet with family and friends to fellowship and be thankful for so much. However, preparing for Thanksgiving dinner can be a nightmare especially if this is your first time hosting. On Monday we joined Fox 5 DC to give viewers four Thanksgiving table decor tips to live by.

Thanksgiving Table Decor Tip #1

If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner and want a great table, use inspiration from a variety of places. Easily accessible inspiration can come from:

Martha Stewart Living

Elle Decor

Brides Magazine


Before you head over to these sites, be sure to see what you currently have in your own home. Most often you already have the essential items to host dinner.

Thanksgiving Table Decor Tip #2

Now that you are inspired, you need to figure out what you want to place on the table. You can have incredible inspiration, but until you know what your menu is, you don’t know how much space you’ll have for anything else. Proper place setting is essential to a dinner table. You only want to set the table using the items you’ll actually use. Example, if you’re not serving any soup, there is no need for a soup spoon.

Your Thanksgiving table decor can include decor  or you can leave off the decor should you choose to have food on the table. Most times it’s easier to have food on a separate table for guests to serve themselves if you don’t have a large enough table.

Thanksgiving Table Decor Tip #3

You’ve found your inspiration and you’ve checked to see what you already have. Now it’s time to purchase the accent pieces or stock up on your dinner essential. But where do you find all of these things without breaking the bank? Here is a complete list of where we purchased the items seen on the Fox 3 DC news segment.

Linen: CV linens $16

Placemat: Pier 1 Imports $4

Dinner Plate: HomeGoods $6

Salad Plate: Pier 1 Imports $4

Napkin: Pier 1 Imports $3

Stemware: HomeGoods  $9.99 for 4

Flatware: HomeGoods $19 for four place settings


Flowers: Nature of Design by Janet Flowers

Turkey aka Cake: Blue Lace Cakes

Candlesticks and candles: Micheals $2 and $1

Final Decor Tip #4

Whenever you decide to host any dinner, there are some essential rules you should follow.

  • Do not buy items you’ll never use again

  • Do not over commit yourself or your home. If you only have four chairs, there is no reason to invite 8 people unless you’ll buy 4 more chairs.

  • Don’t experiment with new recipes. Trust me just don’t.

  • Set your table the night before and finish all non essential items. You want to give yourself time to cook and not have to worry about anything else.

  • It’s OK to buy parts of your menu or ask friends to cook. Don’t feel obligated to spend hundreds of dollars on food or trying to cook something you haven’t made before.

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