No one expects an Active Shooter incident to occur while they’re at work, school or even a concert. However terrorist are using densely populated areas as their most ideal opportunity. The most recent Active Shooter incident occurred in Las Vegas and our hearts pour out to everyone affected by such a horrific tragedy.

In the event of an Active Shooter what do you do?

We as people aren’t trained on what to do during a shooting at the events we attend. However, event organizers should be and should provide clear guidance when possible. As event goers you don’t want to wait for guidance from anyone. You want to be prepared and respond accordingly.

Here are the DOs and DON’Ts to follow when a shooting takes place at your event.

Active Shooter DOs:

1 – The U.S. Government trains government employees to do three things: Run, Hide, and Fight. We recommend that if you’re going to hide, that you develop a plan and be prepared to fight your way out. A plan could be to barricade yourself to limit the shooter’s reach.

images via Washington Post

2 – Always look for emergency exists when attending any event. Always find secondary exits like windows.

3 – Be willing to provide key information to law enforcement to aid them in their investigation. Things like Active Shooter location, how many, what they are wearing are helpful to law enforcement.

4 – Do let a family member or friend know when you’re safe.

5 – Do research other shootings and terrorist acts that have happened. This allows you to be faster in grasping that this may happen during your event. It also helps to boost your survival chances.

6 – Look for cars to hide behind and stay as low to the ground as possible. Seek out anything that can cover or conceal you from the shooter.

7 – Warn others and help the injured if it does not put you in harm’s way.

Active Shooter DON’Ts:

1 – Never stop to take photos or videos especially when you are not under cover and the active shooting is still going on.

2 – Never try to subdue the Active Shooter unless you are in imminent danger and this is your only option to save your life.

3 – Do not get in the way of the police or hinder their ability to take control. Many people try to follow law enforcement to aid them and this is a huge mistake. Allow trained professionals to do their job.

4 – Do not show signs of aggression towards law enforcement or have anything in your hands when they approach you. In such a large crowd, the police will treat everyone as a potential suspect until otherwise proven.

5 – Do not play dead. Shooters tend to confirm the death of people as they walk past them.

6 – Do not pull out your gun and go hunting for the Active Shooter. You will increase your chances of being shot by the police or anyone with a concealed gun permit.

7 – Do not try to reason with a shooter.

8 – Do not move from your hiding place until you hear word from law enforcement.

In Conclusion

Active Shooter incidents are serious and sadly occurring more frequently. Do your part to research these incidents and be vigilant when it comes to preparing yourself should you come in contact with an Active Shooter. Lastly, we encourage everyone involved in a terrorist attack to please seek counseling whether you think you need it or not. These are traumatic incidents that can play a heavy toll on your life.