Style Shoots are the perfect opportunity for anyone to showcase just how talented they are. Stylist, Wedding and Event Planners, Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, and more participate. In this case Pearly Kate Photography wanted to create a shoot with our support. 

Event Design Objective

Kate wanted to showcase her work with Antrim 1844 and create a Secret Garden style shoot that incorporated a dance element. 

Event Design Strategy

Because Kate wanted to focus on shooting the Secret Garden, she asked us if we could come up with elements to support her theme. She wanted to focus her shots in select areas. We reviewed the concept and came up with ideas that not only highlighted her vision, but gave a full view of what the venue offered. We used outside elements like faux deer antlers, moss, and tree bark on tables. We also pulled the dance element into a garden setting making it more wild and free. With these and a great team the Secret Garden theme came to life.